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My mom was visiting Dallas this week. It's always such a pleasure to have her here. But nothing is more pleasurable than sitting in my living room over a cup of coffee with cream and talking with her while the morning comes up in the front window. It's that wonderful liminal period when the kids aren't demanding anything of me, the dog is calm and I can just sit and chat and listen and enjoy my mother's good company.

Shifting Perspectives | My Living Room

Today, we're continuing the house tour here at La Maison Boheme. As I said yesterday, our home has been experiencing some enormous changes. This autumn, I shifted the rooms in our home to better accommodate our family's rapidly changing needs. Now I'm finished and ready to share these spaces with you!

The most impacted spaces are our communal rooms - living room and dining room. I flipped the rooms so that our dining space would be the center of the house, with more room around the edges for my son's wheelchair maneuvers.  The living room, in turn, now inhabits the old dining space, which has a lot of natural light. I wanted my living room to be more intimate - a quieter place tucked away from the traffic of day-to-day life.

I repainted the walls, but other than the expense of a can of paint, all of the furniture here was already in the house. I wanted a sitting area, a separate cozy spot to read and listen to music, and my husband needed a quiet office area to grade papers and accomplish his "at home" work. There's also a big canvas hanging over the sofa - an unfinished piece I'm in the process of working on. I'm not quite sure what I want yet, so it hangs there as-is.

Here's the living room new set-up:

Since I always get questions about where I got stuff, here is my source list.


Sofa: Craigslist (10 years ago in Seattle), originally Pottery Barn

Channel back chairs: 1940's vintage from Craigslist

Rug: Pottery Barn, a house warming gift from my dad

Tea tray / coffee table: Inherited from my Great Aunt - she got it in India

Stump table: Z Gallerie, found in the damaged section due to crack

Brass bar cart: Lula B's in Dallas

Desk: antique breakfast table my husband bought in California

Metal chair:

Pillows and flokati: Ikea

Brass swing arm lamp: sale section Pottery Barn

Record console and storage: craigslist, originally Ikea

Pair of lamps on console: Target

Blanc de chine lamp: thrift store in Utah

New (Free) Area Rug

What's better than a new rug? A free one! A friend of mine bought this beautiful rug for her home, but decided after a while that it didn't really fit with the room. Now it's mine!

Since painting my living room blue last year, the space hasn't had a suitable rug. I've had some beautiful flat weave rugs, but they aren't really practical for us because our youngest is either in his wheel chair smooshing the rug up with turning wheels or he's getting caught up on the edges scooting around on his bottom. Now I have a rug that stays put and meshes perfectly with the vibe of my living room. I'm a happy mama!

Most recently I had a beautiful rug from Pottery Barn, but the color wasn't right for the space - see the photo below. I've moved that rug to my dining room where it is much happier.

Houzz Tour | Nat and Dana Pugh

Last week I posted a little sneak peek at Dana Pugh's house. And as promised I'm back this week with the whole she-bang! I love covering homes for because I always meet the most creative home owners. Dana is an interior stylist who spends her days knee-deep in vibrant paint samples, bold patterns and flashy home accessories. But when she returns home from work, she needs a palate cleanser. Neutrals reign supreme at the Pugh house.

Dana and her husband, Nat, have created a serene, creamy-hued dream home using natural materials, vintage furniture and lots of unique found objects. To see the full article and see more photos of Dana's home, click HERE.

photos by Sarah Greenman

Once again, check out the full article on Houzz by clicking HERE.

Find Dana blogging at Tattered Style
or you can also find her on

A Book and a Fireplace

With freezing temperatures here in Dallas (and all over the country), I yearn for a book and a warm place to read it. Here are some beautiful spaces that plan for moments just like this, placing fire and literature in close proximity. Brilliant.









And here are some living rooms I have photographed for that have the same idea:

Home of Scott and Rachel Anderson - photo by Sarah Greenman

Home of Brian and Deanna Pennock - photo by Sarah Greenman

Home of Morgan and Monica Campbell - photos by Sarah Greenman

The Men's Club - Part One

Today I'm showcasing rooms that my husband would love. Rustic wood details, black accents, natural fibers, thoughtful practicality and a few quirky masculine trappings make these interiors stand out as the perfect backdrop for my man. Sure, he loves our super colorful bohemian home... but every once in a while, I know that he'd like to relax in a neutral palette.  Tomorrow I'll be back with more!












A friend of mine once asked why I constantly change my space. At the time, all I could offer was, "I don't know - because I like to."  Now I realize the ever-changing ebb and flow of my house requires that I move things around from time to time.  I'm also a seasonal person. I want my home to reflect what's happening outside the house. Another reason that I enjoy freshening up my decor is that I work from home.  This is the place that shelters my rising, my prep, my mothering, my cooking, my cleaning, my work, my writing, my painting, my children and their childhoods, my husband, my marriage and a host of other very important components of happy living. These things are always shifting and I want my home to nurture transformation. I know it might seem a little over stated, but this is why I sew a new pillow cover or switch lamps from the bedroom to the living room.

Speaking of change, I've switched up the layout of my blog so that most of the navigation can happen at the top of the page.  Please browse around and let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section! 

More of my home HERE.

My Living Room is Finished!

I painted my living room blue last weekend and the results are in!  I snapped photos yesterday morning while fixing oatmeal for my 5-year-old and intermittently picking up a crying 2-year-old. So while they're not top notch photos, you'll get an idea of what I've done!  Presenting my very blue living room:

And just for fun, here's a before shot:

I painted with Benjamin Moore's Symphony Blue, which took four coats.  It was crazy but worth it.  Most of the room is comprised of furniture I already had on hand. However, there are a few new things in place.  The primary purchase was a set of red ikat curtain panels from Castle Creek Designs on Etsy.  They are beautiful and I'm in love with these curtains.  The other new piece is the red tripod table pictured above from West Elm - an early Christmas gift from my husband.  It was on sale!

Where did everything else come from?  Here's the breakdown:

Everything below came from Craigslist:
pair of yellow Midcentury chairs
pair of blue barrel back chairs
brown sofa
both sofa side tables
coffee table
circular table between blue chairs

Thrift Store
all four table lamps, each lamp was 5 dollars or less
(I spray painted two of them in turquoise)

red ikat curtains from Castle Creek Designs
grey chevron pouf by Aleta Fae - I won from a blog giveaway at Head Over Heels

Joss & Main
blue Ikat pillows on sofa
lumbar ikat pillow I won from a blog giveaway at Deliciously Organized

Pottery Barn
red paisley throw pillow and blanket
area rug

Stuff I made:

And just for fun... here are photos of our eat-in kitchen and dining room, both of which share space with our new living room... 

P.S.  All of the art in the photos below were painted by my son, Walker. 
Our dining room is like his little gallery.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to go bold and paint my living room dark indigo blue.  I love the look of it, as does my family.  It's warm, dramatic, energizing and just plain fun.  Have a GREAT weekend!


THIS home is ridiculously beautiful.  What was this space?  A ballroom from a bygone era?  First of all, the crumbling plaster on the walls is so beautiful and the soaring architecture - astounding. But the manner in which the inhabitants have filled this cavernous space is brilliant.  I love all the intimate seating areas, dinning area, books, large scale art that sets off the space, rather than competing with it - all of it is so well done. 

How does the room feel?

I am not interested in recreating the look of the rooms below, but rather the feel of these rooms.  I'm in the process of tweaking some things in my home, one of which includes painting the walls of my living room. When I redecorate my own home, I usually only use what's already in the house. And if there is something I want to change up, then I can put an old item out on Craigslist in return for money towards the new item.  But for now, I'm brainstorming and this is the direction I'm heading in...

I want my living room to feel like the photo below:
old world

I want my studio office to feel like the photo below:


I want my master bedroom to feel like the photo below:

Change is in the Air Again... Blue and Blue

Well, after my post the other day, I spent some time with my green swatch on the wall and decided it looked like barf.  This is why we don't make rash decisions people.  So, after another round of paint swatches, Jack and I are now leaning toward blue.  We love blue. Its all over our house in some form or another.

We keep asking ourselves... is it too much blue?  But you know what?  There's no such thing as too much blue.  If I've learned anything from Steven Gambrel, its that layering blue on blue is a good thing. See below:

And here it is again with less light:

And here is the other side of the room:

See?  It's amazing!
Here are some more photos - proof positive that blue is the way to go in my living room.

We're considering the following blues:

Symphony Blue by Benjamin Moore

Champion Cobalt by Benjamin Moore

California Blue by Benjamin Moore

Realm by Behr

Change is in the Air - Moss Green and Navy

Hello friends.  This week we had a little home repair on our thermostat and it left a big gaping patch of ugliness on one of my living room walls. Instead of orchestrating a small patch job, I'm using this as an excuse to convince my husband that the whole room needs to be overhauled.  Don't laugh - you know you are also guilty of these kinds of tactics.

I'm tired of sea grass gray on the wall.  I want something with a little more saturation and elegance. I also have to be able to use the furniture I have in my home.  Our living room color will have to compliment the rooms that it shares space with - namely our kitchen (dusky French blue) and our dining room (midnight blue - almost black).  So we've narrowed the color down to mossy green for the walls with perhaps some black or midnight blue accent colors on the interior doors.

Here is our living room as it stands today:

And here is a photo of what I would like the room to feel like.
I think the mossy greens, blues, textiles and red accents will work well in my space.

 And here are some other color schemes that speak to me:

Here is the color I'm considering for my living room walls:

Retro Avocado by Behr


Living Room Update for September

Last week, I had a few hours to call my own.  As any sane person would do, I decided to spend that time completely rearranging my living room. I like to change rooms to fit the seasons and since September is here, I thought the living room could use some fluffing. This little makeover cost nothing.  Everything I used was already in the house. It just cost me a little elbow grease and an afternoon.

(Oh and before I show you the photos, don't forget - this is the last day to enter the Art Canvas giveaway from iCanvas Art!  There aren't that many people entered, so your chances of winning are REALLY high. Click HERE to enter!)

Here's what it looked like before the September kerfluffle:

Photo by Valerie Dickman for

Just Peachy

The weather has been beautiful here in Dallas - sunny, fresh and cool.  It makes me dream a bit about spring.  Ground Hog's Day is this Thursday and I'm wondering if spring will arrive early and give me permission to infuse some peachy spring color into my life.  I love these sunny, fresh and cool images below.

Add caption

Laura Gurton

source unknown to me




Very Cool Coffee Tables

If anyone has an extra one of these coffee tables just lying around, please send it on.  These coffee tables below kick all over my little Craigs-lister from 2009.  Just email for my address!






And on a totally separate note... 

For those of you who have been following along in my weight lost journey via Smaller Sarah, I'm so excited to report that I'm down 36 pounds since June 1st!  I'm almost half way to my goal of losing 75 pounds by June of 2012!  You can't see it, but I'm doing a little victory dance.

The Smithy

The Smithy was brought to my attention a few months ago by a reader (thank you Jesse).  It's a property in Schoharie County – one of the most verdant, untouched, and wide-ranging landscapes of upstate New York. The tiny hamlet of West Fulton lies at the crossroads of the county in the far northern foothills of the Catskill Mountains.  The Smithy was originally built as a blacksmith's shop in the 1800's and has been lovingly restored over the past twelve years.

So beautiful.

Click HERE for more photos and information.