New (Free) Area Rug

What's better than a new rug? A free one! A friend of mine bought this beautiful rug for her home, but decided after a while that it didn't really fit with the room. Now it's mine!

Since painting my living room blue last year, the space hasn't had a suitable rug. I've had some beautiful flat weave rugs, but they aren't really practical for us because our youngest is either in his wheel chair smooshing the rug up with turning wheels or he's getting caught up on the edges scooting around on his bottom. Now I have a rug that stays put and meshes perfectly with the vibe of my living room. I'm a happy mama!

Most recently I had a beautiful rug from Pottery Barn, but the color wasn't right for the space - see the photo below. I've moved that rug to my dining room where it is much happier.