Navy Walls and a Brass Bed

My friend, Hilary Walker (the brains and beauty behind Our Style Stories) is in the process of designing her new home. Do you know what that means for voyeurs like me? I get to watch her design her home room by room! Last week she gave us a glimpse into her finished master bedroom. Her color combos are always a surprising mash up - they feel sophisticated and adventurous all at the same time. Take a look.

Hilary is also in the process of creating a nursery for her first child, due this spring.
So stay tuned!

Hilary Walker on Instagram

The paint color is Sherwin Williams' Rainstorm. 

See Hilary's former home HERE?

All photos featured above are by Hilary Walker.

New Bed = New Room

"I love your bedroom! Why are you changing it?" The reason is simple really. My husband and I need a new bed. The canopy is lovely, but my son, who has Cerebral Palsy among other things, keeps cracking his head on the corners of the hard wood, threatening to fall from the bed, which is rather elevated and insists on crawling under the bed only to be met with years of dust bunnies and other icky stuff. And as all of you decor obsessed readers know, a new bed means rethinking the whole space!

I don't use Polyvore much - or at all really - but for this project I wanted to put a few things together to see what it might feel like. So here is my crappy mock-up. Again, this is not what the room will be, just a feeling of the room.  The walls are already painted in a sable gray/brown called Ashwood by Behr. It's a little lighter than the color of the bed and I love it. So that won't change.

Here's what I already have in place. We've removed the yellow Ikea canopy bed to make room for our new midcentury style upholstered platform bed. We got the new bed from a store in Dallas' Bishop Arts Disctrict called Simply Austin. It arrived earlier this week. Oh, it's so wonderful!

There is also a window above the bed that I have to work with. I already have the black Hemnes Ikea side tables, but I'll be taking a few inches off of the legs to create the right height for the bed. I may also dip the legs in brass colored paint to give it a metalic look. And I also have a pair of wonderful midcentury club chairs in yellow. Remember these guys I picked up last year on the Dallas Craig's List?

I really want to create some surface space on the side tables for books so I'm going with wall sconces. After looking around, I was floored by the expense (sheesh). Then I found this pair of swing arm sconces at Amazon for a good deal. 


For months, I've been watching the amazing art work of Jenny Andrews Anderson on her blog, My Favorite and My Best, wishing that I might be able to purchase one some day. This month, the fates aligned and I have acquired a wonderfully colorful piece, ready to be framed and hung on the wall of my bedroom. It's called "You Can't Play the Drums", which is funny because my husband is a great drummer, and it measures 24" x 18".

Art by Jenny Andrew Anderson

So, goodbye beautiful canopy bed...
I have loved sleeping on you for the past five years.

Stay tuned for the reveal - before Christmas is my goal!

My Living Room is Finished!

I painted my living room blue last weekend and the results are in!  I snapped photos yesterday morning while fixing oatmeal for my 5-year-old and intermittently picking up a crying 2-year-old. So while they're not top notch photos, you'll get an idea of what I've done!  Presenting my very blue living room:

And just for fun, here's a before shot:

I painted with Benjamin Moore's Symphony Blue, which took four coats.  It was crazy but worth it.  Most of the room is comprised of furniture I already had on hand. However, there are a few new things in place.  The primary purchase was a set of red ikat curtain panels from Castle Creek Designs on Etsy.  They are beautiful and I'm in love with these curtains.  The other new piece is the red tripod table pictured above from West Elm - an early Christmas gift from my husband.  It was on sale!

Where did everything else come from?  Here's the breakdown:

Everything below came from Craigslist:
pair of yellow Midcentury chairs
pair of blue barrel back chairs
brown sofa
both sofa side tables
coffee table
circular table between blue chairs

Thrift Store
all four table lamps, each lamp was 5 dollars or less
(I spray painted two of them in turquoise)

red ikat curtains from Castle Creek Designs
grey chevron pouf by Aleta Fae - I won from a blog giveaway at Head Over Heels

Joss & Main
blue Ikat pillows on sofa
lumbar ikat pillow I won from a blog giveaway at Deliciously Organized

Pottery Barn
red paisley throw pillow and blanket
area rug

Stuff I made:

And just for fun... here are photos of our eat-in kitchen and dining room, both of which share space with our new living room... 

P.S.  All of the art in the photos below were painted by my son, Walker. 
Our dining room is like his little gallery.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to go bold and paint my living room dark indigo blue.  I love the look of it, as does my family.  It's warm, dramatic, energizing and just plain fun.  Have a GREAT weekend!

A Room of My Own - New Studio Office

Remember the THIS post from Saturday: "A Someday Home Studio"?  Well, it turns out that "someday" wasn't that far away.  My amazing husband read the post and gave me the green light to move my home office from the tiny cramped room off our kitchen to the guest room.  Our agreement was that I would ONLY use things I already had on hand in the house and that I would not spend a dime.

So, I spent all day Sunday hauling books, moving furniture, choking on dust bunnies and basically rearranging the entire house. The guest bed went into my son's room (he scored on the upgrade). I took the bookcases from the nursery and replaced them with the homeless twin bed from my son's room.  I worked from 9:30am-1pm on breaking down and reassembling furniture and then spent a few hours in the evening pulling it all together.  Here are the results!

Drum roll please...

The desk lamp is a thrift store score from the summer. I found this lattice-work Blanc de Chine lamp base for five dollars! The print on the easel ("Nude with Coral Necklace" by August Macke) was a gift from iCanvas Art. I'll be hosting a giveaway for them in the coming weeks so be sure to check back. You too could snag yourself a piece of awesome art!


The table next to the bathroom door is actually two file cabinets butt to butt.  I don't particularly like the look of it, but it will serve for the time being. I covered it in a piano shawl and propped a one-dollar yard sale painting on top. This part of the room will have to evolve a bit before I'm satisfied.

I had this green velvet slipper chair (Crate and Barrel) in another room. The gray chevron pouf on the floor is by Aletafae. I won it during a blog giveaway last year. The two Picasso prints are among my favorite pieces of art EVER. The top one is "Margo", a portrait of a prostitute at a bar Picasso frequented. The other is from his blue period called "La Vida" - a couple standing face to face, the woman with their baby and the man with his lover.

The desk is an antique breakfast table that my husband purchased before he and I were even dating. Its a creaky, wonderful piece with two leaves and lots of character. Oh and remember that thing about not spending a dime?  Well, I broke my promise and bought the potted pink orchid at Ikea for 4.99 - it was half price because one of the stems had broken off. But the room needed something alive and surely my sweet man can forgive five dollars, right?

So that's the whole shebang!  I am so excited to have such a beautiful room for writing, reading, painting and puttering.  And I'm so grateful that I have the kind of husband who says "yes" to my cooky whims.

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Sarah Saw Something

Happy Saturday everyone!  It's time for another installment of Sarah Saw Something, where I share little odds and ends that I found interesting around the blogosphere this week. Have a beautiful weekend and remember to check back here on Monday for the reveal of Walker's new big boy room!

I was gobsmacked by Jill's incredible living room makeover at Live.Like.You.  You really must go there now - right now - and see it.  Click HERE to see the whole she-bang.

I fell in love with this Thanksgiving themed magazine cover in the Art Nouveau style from 1894.  Found it at the ever-inspiring Art & Lair.

If you haven't already done so, sign up for the Third Annual Handmade Holiday Gift Swap over at Flights Of Whimsy.  I did it last year and it was really fun!   Brandi has extended the deadline for participation so that everyone has a chance to sign up.  Click HERE for more information.

My mama has a blog about her home in Eastern Oregon and her life as the wife of a locum tenen doctor.  She just posted a very cute and funny story complete with blow-by-blow photos of her recent "shopping" trip to find a bathroom sink for her bathroom remodel.  (And when I say remodel, I mean that she's turning an old canning porch into a bathroom.)  Here's a photo, but to get the whole effect, you really must click HERE to read her post.

And finally, this gorgeous dress is up for grabs in our Shabby Apple giveaway.  It ends tomorrow night, so click HERE to enter if you haven't already done so!


Weekend Paint Job

Last year my mom painted her living room butter yellow.  It was a fine color, but I could tell she wasn't completely happy with it.  She also had a gorgeous wood side board that she wanted to paint.  She was feeling a little weird about painting a wood antique, especailly one that she's had in her home since 1992.  But this week, she took the jump and started painting.  Here are the results!

I love it.  I think it suits her style so much more.  It also makes all of the furniture and art pop and look more cohesive.  The color is called Olive Sprig.  I'm not sure which manufacturer.  I'll have to ask her.  Here are some more photos for good measure:

Great job, Mama!  
I love it and can't wait to see it in person!

My Projects in 2010

Thank you to The Way We Are for inspiring today's post.  Its such fun to look back and see what we've accomplished around the house in 2010.  Here are the highlights!

1)  Reorganized master bedroom closet:

2) Family room makeover.

3) Painted kitchen and made cafe curtains:

4) Painted and re-floored my entryway with a help from my mom:

5) Finished my bird painting for the dining room:

6) Completely made over my office and library:

7) Refinished and painted this end table from Craigslist:

8) Patio makeover from last spring:

9) Painted my dining room:

10) Hung this new lighting fixture:

11) Decoupaged this little set of drawers:

12) Re-arranged my living room:

13) Hung a gallery of my son's art:

14) ...and had a baby: