Cottage Green

I don't have a cottage, 
but I sure do love these moss, sage and kelly greens cottage colors. 

The Garden Gallery in Morro Bay, CA

This weekend, I stopped to visit Morro Bay, one of my favorite coastal California towns. I was especially interested in taking a stroll through one of my favorite shops, The Garden Gallery. Not only is this a lovely place to purchase beautiful house plants and succulents, it is so artfully laid out that its becomes a meditative exercise. Here are some of my snapshots...

The best part of The Garden Gallery is the location. 
The bay and Morro Rock are just across the street. 

I couldn't leave without adopting a few friends for the road.

This is my lovely little Agave, happily perched on a table back at home in the Casita.

House Plants Heal

House plants are good for you. It's true! There is a body of extensive research that shows how house plants assist in cleaning the air you breathe by removing indoor pollutants and producing oxygen through photosynthesis. The healing effect of house plants is undeniable. Whenever I see natural green living things, I feel a sense of calm and mental order. This feeling is also backed by science. A study, conducted at Kansas State University, recommends house plants as a kind of medicine and found that viewing plants during recovery from surgery led to a significant improvement in physiologic responses as evidenced by lower systolic blood pressure, and lower ratings of pain, anxiety, and fatigue as compared to patients without plants in their rooms. Amazing, right?

House plants can even help you work better. What? Yes! According to THIS study from Texas A&M, “Keeping ornamental plants in the home and in the workplace increases memory retention and concentration. Work performed under the natural influence of ornamental plants is normally of higher quality and completed with a much higher accuracy rate than work done in environments devoid of nature.” 

Plus, they're beautiful. Everyone benefits from seeing natural green things. Caring for houseplants puts even the most remote city dweller in direct contact with nature. I only have a few house plants, but after seeing the following photos, I think I might adopt a few more. So if you'd like to breathe easy, heal faster, stay healthier and work more efficiently, then get yourself a house plant! 

And for those of you, like me, who are unsure about what kind of house plant 
is best suited for the amount of light your home receives, here is a handy-dandy guide.

Greens for the Soul

I can't quite explain how much I love my little raised bed of green food in my back yard. I realize that tending a garden isn't exactly revolutionary. Sure - farmers have been doing it every day, all year long for centuries. I mean... it's no secret that when you stuff a seed in the ground and feed it soil, water and sun, it will grow. But oh-me-oh-my, it's still such a miracle, isn't it?

The seeds I sowed in the deep dark of late December on my studio windowsill are thriving now. I'm harvesting 5 varieties of mixed lettuces, Red Russian Kale, America Spinach and swiss chard. I also have a nice little bunch of basil, rosemary, thyme and sage. When I began considering a backyard veggie garden, I was nervous. I usually kill most delicate green things - not out of neglect, but of ignorance. To see my raised bed doing so well is astonishing to me. To say I'm a proud mama is an understatement.

This week, I've been juicing and eating my backyard crop with glee. Every salad I serve my family seems like a giddy experimental party. Its as if I'm getting away with something I shouldn't. I look at my nightly intake of organic fresh-cut greens and tally the Whole Foods bill in my head. I announce, "This would have cost me $6.50!" My family smiles and nods and continues chewing. "And this here, this would have been $3.80 a bunch!" More quiet smiles. They must surely think I'm batty. And the truth is I am!

I love being in the garden. I love meditating on the expanding size of my little plants. I love knowing that I started everything from organic heirloom seeds. I love the taste - oh my God the incredible taste! - of fresh lettuce. I love growing my own food. I could break into song...

The first leaves from my Celeste Fig tree came out this weekend!

The mixed lettuces are the belles of the ball right now.

 Nasturtiums (Empress of India) are just starting to join the party.

Scarlet carrots are on their way!

Red Russian Kale, with it's flashy purple vein, is ready to harvest.

After my herbs seemed bone dead from the ice storm, they've come back even stronger!

And of course, my garden helpers: Walker, Charlie and the Spiral Goddess!

The Conservatory

Oh, what I wouldn't give for access to a green house or small conservatory! I'm knee deep in winter sprouting experiments. My little green babies line the studio windowsill waiting for the frost to break and a shot at life outdoors. I'm running out of room quickly!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if...


Basically, I just mined THIS beautiful board on Pinterest for all of these lovely photos.

Jade Green and Other Things

Sorry about not posting yesterday. My darling Mama and her husband Obbie are in town for a visit and frankly, we were having so much fun that I didn't make it to my computer screen. They've been working on a little back yard building project (I helped by standing around looking confused). I'll post photos when it's all done!

Thank you everyone for visiting my new website over the past few days! And remember that my offer of free art is a permanent one. Not just yesterday, or this week, or this month - it's a permanent fixture! Read more about it HERE.

Now on to some gorgeous bohemian interiors 
saturated in one of my favorite hues: jade green.





If you can't commit to jade green walls, perhaps you could 
paint a piece or upholster something in this magical green!





Green Plaid

Inspired by the photo below of Jane Fonda, I bought THIS green plaid dress online. Being of Scottish heritage, I thought it was appropriate for the holiday season. It arrived today and after trying it on, I'm mostly pleased.

The dress is soft flannel and fully lined. The buttons are super shiny, so I might replace them with wooden ones. Oh, and where does it say in the sizing that "tall" also means huge boobs. Everything fits like a charm except the ample material for my bosoms. So I'll have to do some creative darting for a perfect fit - no biggie.


And a little more green plaid, because why not?



And a little nod today on this 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination.

Emerald Green

I don't have the balls to go green like this in my home, but oh - I dream about it. And I'm not just talking about an emerald green sofa or some green accents in the dining room. I'm talking about painting some permanent surfaces. Aren't these spaces dreamy?


source unknown




My Mama's Spectacular Bathroom Remodel

Last year, my handy Mama and her handy husband, Obbie, built a bathroom from scratch on what was once their canning porch. Their old farm house, which I featured on last summer (HERE), is located in Eastern Oregon. It was in dire need of a new bathroom. They did such a fantastic job, that I want to share it with you here!

My favorite thing about this bathroom is the origin of the vintage turn-of-the-century cast iron sink they installed. My mother spotted it on the side of a river near their home. She could only see a piece of it sticking up out of the ground with her binoculars. She and her husband waded across the river, carried it back across to their truck and hauled it back to the house for cleaning. After having it resurfaced by a professional in Portland, OR, it was ready for their bathroom!

The 100 year-old claw foot soaking tub was found at an antique / consignment store in Central California and transported to their farm house. My mom refinished and painted it herself.

My Mama found the awesome green vintage bath fixtures below at a salvage place in Portland, OR. They were the color inspiration for the whole bathroom.

And just when it couldn't get any better - they built an open, door-less walk in shower. It's handicap accessible, built with my son, Charlie, in mind. I love love love love love it!

The door to the bathroom opens into the laundry and mud room. Because there wasn't much space for a swinging door, they did a barn door style installation. The door was picked up at a garage sale and Obbie added the privacy glass. Isn't it brilliant?

And here are my sons trying out the soaking tub while their grandma looks on.

This Green

Why is this green (below) so hard to achieve? This was the color I was thinking about for my studio before I decided to go all black. But I couldn't find the right hue.  Maybe its the wash, the light, the texture... it was just not happening for me. The black turned out beautifully, though. And I'll be revealing the new space on Thursday - so check back!



Yes, I realize they are different greens, 
but I would have settled for the second color if the first was unattainable. 
But I just couldn't find the right thing. 

Studio Details

I've so enjoyed having my own studio space this fall.  It was definitely worth giving up our guest room. As with most home studio offices, the room is shifting and changing to meet my creative needs. Furniture is removed, lighting is added as editing is always a process oriented endeavor. I feel like this new space is starting to settle, though, and I'm finding a rhythm. Here are some shots of the space as it exists in this moment. 

My artwork can be purchased HERE

How does the room feel?

I am not interested in recreating the look of the rooms below, but rather the feel of these rooms.  I'm in the process of tweaking some things in my home, one of which includes painting the walls of my living room. When I redecorate my own home, I usually only use what's already in the house. And if there is something I want to change up, then I can put an old item out on Craigslist in return for money towards the new item.  But for now, I'm brainstorming and this is the direction I'm heading in...

I want my living room to feel like the photo below:
old world

I want my studio office to feel like the photo below:


I want my master bedroom to feel like the photo below:

Change is in the Air - Moss Green and Navy

Hello friends.  This week we had a little home repair on our thermostat and it left a big gaping patch of ugliness on one of my living room walls. Instead of orchestrating a small patch job, I'm using this as an excuse to convince my husband that the whole room needs to be overhauled.  Don't laugh - you know you are also guilty of these kinds of tactics.

I'm tired of sea grass gray on the wall.  I want something with a little more saturation and elegance. I also have to be able to use the furniture I have in my home.  Our living room color will have to compliment the rooms that it shares space with - namely our kitchen (dusky French blue) and our dining room (midnight blue - almost black).  So we've narrowed the color down to mossy green for the walls with perhaps some black or midnight blue accent colors on the interior doors.

Here is our living room as it stands today:

And here is a photo of what I would like the room to feel like.
I think the mossy greens, blues, textiles and red accents will work well in my space.

 And here are some other color schemes that speak to me:

Here is the color I'm considering for my living room walls:

Retro Avocado by Behr


Ferns and Shadows

It's supposed to be elevnty-billion degrees today in Dallas and I'm not looking forward to it. It's only June and I'm already crying uncle. Today I'm longing for a cool climate where ferns and other delicate plants can thrive. I moved to Dallas from Seattle and its moments like these when I wish I could return.





Brilliant Bookcases

I'm away from home with my husband on a job right now, and I didn't bring a good book to read. I'm sorely missing my home library. So today, I'll be stopping by a local book store on the hunt for a good quick read. Any suggestions?




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