Wood Bath Vanities & Floor Textiles

This is my new favorite combination in the bathroom: a wood vanity and an intricate Kilim or woven textile on the floor. I don't need a fluffy bath mat for my tootsies. Give me a real area rug every time. And for the vanities, I really love the modern floating style. Sure, they're susceptible to water stains, but I think its a beautiful look. Your thoughts?

Weren't you doing a bathroom remodel?

Remember THIS? And THIS? And then THIS? Yes, you remember... there were all sorts of updates along the way. The bathroom remodel project is now done! It's been done for a few weeks. I still have some painting to do in the laundry room area, but generally it's done.

However, I haven't shared any photos with you all because I'm stalling. We immediately began using the bathroom everyday and I haven't had a chance to clean up the dust and prepare the space for photos. I'm also going to be writing an article about it for Houzz.com, so the photos need to be good! So sorry for the long wait. To tide you over, here are two yellowy snapshots of the space.

Huge Vintage Lamp

This week, I bought an enormous vintage lamp from someone in my neighborhood. Really, this thing is over three feet tall! But I needed a big burst of light in my dark dining room and this lamp certainly fits the bill.

And as for my bathroom remodel, we are definitely in the final throes of this massive project. I'm so pleased with how it's turning out. A few more finishing touches and it will be ready for photos! Here's a little sneak peek. Thanks to the amazing people at Moen who donated this faucet fixture for the project. I think it  looks really sharp.

And finally...

Three random things you should know:

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Bathroom Remodel | Week 4

Hello dear readers! We're at the beginning of week 4 of our bathroom remodel. I'm so pleased with the work that has been done thus far. Today, the shower is being tiled with white subway tile. Once the tile is in place, we (meaning our contract team) can install our vanity, countertops and fixtures! I can't tell you what relief I feel from knowing that this bathroom will soon be up to wheelchair use standards. Here are the latest photos of the bathroom space with some "before" photos.

Here are the "before" photos:

The floor and shower tile is all white and the vanity is a beautiful walnut. Below is a sample of our countertop with some paint samples I'm considering for the walls. 

So that's the latest from our bathroom remodel. 
The next time I report back on the blog about this remodel will be when it's finished to stay tuned!

Bathroom Remodel | Week 3

We're at the beginning of week three for our bathroom remodel, which also includes bringing the converted garage up to speed with a new door, a new AC and heat unit and the removal of the old 1981 AC wall unit. Again, we're switching things up because we need a wheelchair accessible bathroom for my son, Charlie. Plus we had a slow growing mold issue in this spot that needed to be dealt with immediately. Things seem to be moving quickly! You can see last week's post HERE if you'd like to see the design inspiration and the the gory mold details.

This week, our team will finish the dry wall installation and begin tiling. I'm really excited to see the surfaces knowing that all of the plumbing, electrical and mold abatement are handled now. Here is the newest crop of process photos!

Looking into the bathroom from the new pocket door:

Before we tore out the old half bath and switched out the laundry area.

The new shower takes up the entirety of our old half bath.

Looking from the back of the bathroom out through the pocket door to the laundry units, 
which are now tucked under the window.

Looking from the converted garage through the new doorway into the laundry area.

The new AC and heating unit is installed and the old beastly one has been removed.
We'll be putting a window in that corner to allow for more natural light in the room.

And finally, a new door for the converted garage that let's in natural light and actually closes and locks!
Also, we installed a new can light at the entrance with a wall switch right by the door!

Stay tuned for tile photos!
Have a great Monday. xo

Bathroom Remodel Update

We're two weeks in to a bathroom remodel and things are going very well, despite some mold damage we discovered during the demolition process. I've never been a part of a remodel in my own home. Usually my interaction with this kind of work is more objective because it's happening in someone else's home. I had no idea how emotionally involved I'd become! I have loved designing this space and working with our wonderful contractor, Jeff Van Buskirk of Heritage Remodel and Construction.

Just a reminder, here is what it looked like before demo began. 

Here is the original mold damage. (Barf.) Luckily, it's all been remedied and rebuilt. The whole space is now framed out with new plumbing and electrical lines. 

As far as the cosmetic look of the space, here are two inspiration photos I'm using as we select surfaces and fixtures. Many of the materials I'm using are either second hand or donated to the project, so my level of choice is a bit limited. But we're building a custom vanity in the style of the photo below. The flooring will be a traditional 1 by 1 inch hexagon pattern and the shower will be white subway tile. Inexpensive and classic.

Below are the fixtures going into our sink and shower from the generous people at Moen.

THIS is the faucet going into our vanity sink.

I found the photo below on Pinterest. This is very much in line with the look of my shower-to-be. We're using the same Moen fixture, white subway tile grouted in light gray and the insets will be backed with the same hexagonal tile that's on the floor. 

I'm so excited to finally have a wheelchair accessible bathroom in our home. I can't emphasize how important this change will be for our family and for my son, Charlie.

Bath Remodel | Day 1

Hello dear readers! I have some exciting news today. After much planning and saving, we're embarking on a handicapped accessible bathroom remodel for my son, Charlie! As many of you know, Charlie has Cerebral Palsy due to stroke and is therefore in a wheelchair. Our two full baths are so tiny and so difficult to get to that we have been unable to begin potty training with Charlie (now four-years-old). We're also only able to bathe him once every couple of weeks. Stupid, right?

The answer? A new bathroom with a wide door, a walk in shower, an unobstructed toilet and room enough to turn around in a wheelchair. We've been planning for this remodel for a while now, but a mold issue in the existing half bath has created a situation whereby we must act now. So we've moved up our time line and there are currently two men in my laundry room stripping everything down to the studs. I've included the "before" photos below.

If you're interested in helping us create this bathroom for Charlie, please visit his website www.HelpCharlieHeal.com or you can contribute directly to his assistance fund via Paypal using the button below. As always, thank you so much for your support!

This bathroom remodel is going to create a much higher level of normalcy for Charlie 
and we couldn't be happier!

Patterns and Prints in the Bathroom

My bathroom is a serene blue and gray space with minimal pattern. It's a soothing place and I love the indigo color scheme. But sometimes I dream about putting a bold tile in the bath area or hanging a brightly patterned wallpaper. Here are some bathroom interiors that inspire my imagination:

source - photo by Rinne Allen

Ode to Blue-Green Tile Bathrooms

I spotted this aqua bath on Houzz.com yesterday. It's covered from floor-to-ceiling in aqua tile - a color I adore. I've seen so many gray and white bathrooms lately. While I love the look of tailored neutral hued bathrooms, this extraordinary punch of sea foam green is really invigorating. 

Here are some other bathroom spaces that shine in blue and green hued tile:

Glass Shower Ideas

Bathing my son is kind of a crazy ordeal. He's a strong kid with very little coordination and a little unwieldy when wet. We've crossed over from baby to boy and now bath time is becoming more and more infrequent. So with his particular disability we're thinking - just thinking, mind you - about retooling our shower / bath situation. There's not a lot of room (or money) to work with, but I think if I planned it well, we could come up with a solution that wouldn't break the bank. Here's what I dream of - something super stylish and completely handicap accessible - a walk-in style situation with a bench and room to maneuver.





But the bathrooms above are kind of out there for my real-life budget. They live in the land of dream bath. Since my budget is small, I may end just up doing something with a glass shower screen and a new shower head like the pictured below from UKbathrooms.com.

Showerlux Designa Shower Screen

My Mama's Spectacular Bathroom Remodel

Last year, my handy Mama and her handy husband, Obbie, built a bathroom from scratch on what was once their canning porch. Their old farm house, which I featured on Houzz.com last summer (HERE), is located in Eastern Oregon. It was in dire need of a new bathroom. They did such a fantastic job, that I want to share it with you here!

My favorite thing about this bathroom is the origin of the vintage turn-of-the-century cast iron sink they installed. My mother spotted it on the side of a river near their home. She could only see a piece of it sticking up out of the ground with her binoculars. She and her husband waded across the river, carried it back across to their truck and hauled it back to the house for cleaning. After having it resurfaced by a professional in Portland, OR, it was ready for their bathroom!

The 100 year-old claw foot soaking tub was found at an antique / consignment store in Central California and transported to their farm house. My mom refinished and painted it herself.

My Mama found the awesome green vintage bath fixtures below at a salvage place in Portland, OR. They were the color inspiration for the whole bathroom.

And just when it couldn't get any better - they built an open, door-less walk in shower. It's handicap accessible, built with my son, Charlie, in mind. I love love love love love it!

The door to the bathroom opens into the laundry and mud room. Because there wasn't much space for a swinging door, they did a barn door style installation. The door was picked up at a garage sale and Obbie added the privacy glass. Isn't it brilliant?

And here are my sons trying out the soaking tub while their grandma looks on.


Some of you are going to think I'm a crazy person with no self respect. However, those of you with young children will just nod your head knowingly and think to yourself, "Yep, that sounds familiar".  I have not bathed in ten days.  Why?  Because I haven't had enough time.  Sure I've had "time", but not enough time and not all at once to wash my hair, scrub my skin and shave my legs.  I've rinsed my hair in a sink, wiped my armpits with a diaper wipe (I know... gross, right?) and I've washed my face before bed on one or two occasions, but a full bath... not happening.  But TODAY is the day. Today, much to the relief of my family and others who must be in close contact, I will shower and feel human again.


source unknown to me



source unknown to me


Bath Caddy

On my to do list today? 
Scrub my bathroom. 
Glamorous, I know. 

My goal is to sit in a warm bath and soak my tired bones. And you know what would catapult my pedestrian bathroom into the spa realm? A bath caddy. Ikea has an inexpensive wood bath caddy I've been eyeing. And the ones below also capture my imagination.





Wallpaper in the Bathroom?

I love love love the idea of wallpaper in the bathroom. However, I have clear childhood memories of watching steam-damaged wallpaper peel away from the corners of bathroom walls.  Paper and water usually don't mix, so what's the scoop? Are water damage worries a thing of the past?  Are the new papers steam resistant or something?  Tell me what you know.






Go Crazy

I've been looking at the photo below for a few days, thinking, "Why do I love this room so much?"  I love it because someone just went crazy.  The said to themselves, "If I love it, it makes the cut."  And they threw it all together in a funky mish-mash of awesomeness and didn't look back.  Its totally unapologetic and perfect.  So feel free to go crazy - if you love it, find a place for it in your home and call it good.



The Carlisle, NYC




Chevron Tile

I realize that the chevron pattern is old hat in the design world, but I love it.  I love love love love love it.  My favorite use of this famous, age-old zigzag pattern is when laid down as tile.  If I had the dough, I'd use it in my bathroom on the floor and shower.  It would also be beautiful as a wrap-around back splash in my kitchen or as flooring for our covered back patio. Where would you use it?







Just Peachy

The weather has been beautiful here in Dallas - sunny, fresh and cool.  It makes me dream a bit about spring.  Ground Hog's Day is this Thursday and I'm wondering if spring will arrive early and give me permission to infuse some peachy spring color into my life.  I love these sunny, fresh and cool images below.

Add caption

Laura Gurton

source unknown to me




The Natural Bath

I'm still on  my earth tone, natural materials kick, but this time I'm focusing in on my bathroom.  Oh how I would love to remodel my master bath!  If I had the funds, I might do something along these lines:

Source: google.com via Sarah on Pinterest

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