In the Studio | House Portraits

I delivered another house portrait to a client this week! Such fun. I consider my house portraits to be little painted love letters. These homes shelter the hopes and dreams of the inhabitants and my goal in rendering them is to honor those dreams. They're are painted in acrylic on high quality archival paper, and they're usually commissioned to commemorate a new home, or sometimes even the selling of a home.  Learn more about my house portrait commissions HERE.

2017 Home Tour

I think the best way to enjoy your favorite things is to only possess favorite things. If I don't LOVE something, I consider it a moral imperative to let it go. It's the only compassionate and sustainable thing to do.

Six months ago, I walked away from home ownership and downsized my life. My family of four and a dog moved out of a 2,500 square foot detached home with a full garden into a 1,000 square foot apartment. Now, I know that 1,000 square feet is still a lot of room. But for us, it was a huge shift. We also divested ourselves of 70% of our furniture and belongings.

And guess what? I don't miss a thing.

And to be clear, we're not minimalists. We're not part of the tiny house movement. We just want to preserve the resources we have and to enjoy more time together as a family. A smaller and more manageable household helps us to do that.

So here is the new and improved 2017 house tour. 
You can see my previous home tour HERE

Houzz Tour | Forest & Ruai Gregory

My latest offering on is about a couple living off the land in Eastern Oregon. Here's the opening paragraph from the article:

Whether you consider the tiny-house movement, the work of The Minimalists, Shannon Hayes’ Radical Homemaker website or Marie Kondo’s bestseller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, it’s clear that we are experiencing a cultural shift that prizes sustainability and simplicity. But the idea of getting back to basics is nothing new. In the late 1970s, Forest Gregory left his home in downtown Denver in search of a simpler life and some acreage. He landed in the wilds of eastern Oregon in 1977 and set about building his own home from the ground up. “I have always felt the call of the natural world, and feel most alive in nature,” Gregory says. “I felt caged and out of place in the city, so it was an easy choice to make.”

Please find the whole article and all of the photos HERE on

Artists Martyn Thompson & Dove Drury Hornbuckle

I happened into an article in NY Magazine from 2015 that caught my eye. It was a tour of the home of photographer and textile designer, Martyn Thompson. He shares his home with his partner, artist Dove Drury Hornbuckle. The first image below is of their living room. The mural is by Hornbuckle and the textiles by Thompson. Looks to me like a marriage made in boho heaven. Here's a sampling of their home, art and photography.

Interested in other artists I've featured?

My Favorite Backyard Farm on Instagram

If afternoons on the back patio, chicken in lap and handcrafted Belgium ale in hand, sounds good to you, then let me introduce my friend Deanna - who I met briefly back in school days in Santa Maria, CA. Deanna and her husband are urban homesteaders in Santa Barbara County who share their work on Instagram. Its my favorite feed on the web right now and I thought I'd share it with YOU! (Although, as evidenced by her almost 19K followers, you may already know all about her.)

Deanna and her husband grow veggies, raise hens, can and ferment their harvest, make Kombucha by the batch and build awesome shit in their yard. I'm envious. Not in a cloying grass-is-greener kind of way, but in an inspired get-out-there-and-make-the-world-a-better-place kind of way. Take a look at Deanna's photos below and definitely hop over to her Insta-feed and enjoy!

Find her on Instagram HERE

The California Casita

I've landed and my home base for the next three weeks is my home town - the place of my birth and breeding - Paso Robles, CA. I'll be staying in a little mother-in-law suite, situated in the back of a family home. This has been lovingly named "The Casita" and was built by my brilliantly talented step-father and mother. (Remember them on Houzz HERE, HERE and HERE?)

The Casita has a judicious floor plan that includes a perfectly appointed tiny kitchen, a bathroom with stand-up shower and closet, and a ship's ladder that takes you from the bathroom up to the coziest loft bedroom known to man.

The main living area has just enough room for two club chairs, a TV and a fold-down table that can be pulled out if needed for a meal. A beautiful stone hearth at the center of this wee house is the sole source of heat. The home has a distinct Arts & Crafts vibe with wood beams, mission style furniture and leaded glass light fixtures.

(Thank you Mama, for making such a beautiful place for me to land 
during this crucial time of renewal and healing.) 

Home Tour | Shauna Glenn and Jeff Jones

My latest home tour on is possibly one of my favorites. Why? Because of the home owners! First of all, Shauna Glenn is hilarious and her personality resonates throughout her colorful home. If you haven't read her blog, check it out HERE. She and her husband, Jeff Jones were so welcoming, open-hearted and gracious. I had a blast covering this house. Check out the full article HERE.

See all of the photos and read the full article on Houzz

Paige Morse | Tiny Cottage

My friend, Paige Morse, is a wizard when it comes to styling a space. I covered her home for a few years ago (HERE). She has created the most wonderful tiny cottage in her back yard and I wanted to share it with you! The best part is that this home is being featured right now at HGTV and Paige is part of the "Fresh Faces of Design" contest! You can vote for her HERE. Seriously, Paige is one of the most talented stylists I've ever worked with. Here's a taste...

Again, go vote for Paige Morse and help her become HGTV's Fresh Design Face HERE.

And just for fun, here is what Paige's cottage looked like before she tackled the remodel process.

The Home of James Ivory

The New York Times Magazine just featured the home of James Ivory, of Merchant Ivory fame. His home in Upstate New York is the stuff of my dreams. I am especially drawn to the hand-painted wall treatments found all over his home. Oh, and also the stacks and stacks of books in every room. Dreamy. Ivory's home also features wonderful period relics from his films. What a treasure trove! Read all about this extraordinary man and see more photos of his home HERE.

And just for fun, a little video tour of his home:

Houzz Tour | Jason & Amy Moore

I'm so excited to share my latest home tour on Jason and Amy Moore are my good friends and have been more than generous in helping my family navigate our son's special needs. Their own son, Wyatt, also faces huge medical challenges. The Moore Family has been an enormous support for us and it was my honor to cover their recent remodel for Click through to the article and find out why.

From the article:

Jason and Amy Moore were well aware that their Dallas house in the tree-lined neighborhood of Lake Highlands was not working for their family, especially when it came to accommodating the special needs of their 8-year-old son, Wyatt. In 2013 the Moores contacted general contractor Christman Fifer of Fifer Renovations for an estimate for a bathroom remodel. “We thought we’d start with the bathroom, since that was our biggest need,” Amy says. “Plus, we knew we couldn’t afford the price tag of a major remodel.” 

 Fifer surveyed the house, realized the scope of Wyatt’s needs and waived his standard contractor fees as well as got the community involved to fundraise for the project. “It was completely overwhelming,” Amy says. “But sometimes you have to let people be kind to you.”

Read the full article HERE.

Below: Christman Fifer with the Moore Family from left to right, Jason, Wyatt, Amy and Max.

Read the full article HERE!

Spirit House Made With Recycled Windows

I am so excited to share my latest tour on This amazing space was dreamed up by Tymmera Whitnah of New Bridge, Oregon. Tymmera is an artist, dancer, drummer, traveler and a collector of experiences. Her Oregon home lies at the narrowing north end of Eagle Valley in a tiny town called New Bridge. Here she raises llamas, throws pottery in her studio, hosts belly dancing classes and tends to her country home. Even with all these different activities, what distinguishes her property is a glass house, constructed entirely from recycled materials, that is perched on a hill in the backyard.

During her first trip to Bali, Tymmera fell in love with the architectural style of structures elevated on poles. She dreamed of creating her own similar open-air space on stilts with only a roof above it and simple stairs to reach it. Tymmera planned and built this incredible space with the help of her Dad, some family friends and a pile of reclaimed wood from her grandfather's barn. Check out the full article HERE and see how she did it!

Charm and Comfort

I'm in the process of creating an Airbnb space. My housemates have moved out I have a lovely 400 square foot studio to fill with all the comforts of home. I have an odd mash-up of eclectic furniture, midcentury pieces and random art for the space. My goal is to tie it all together for a cohesive, stylish look that feels comfortable for visiting family or Airbnb guests. I love the casual look and feel of the space below, photographed by Marnie Hawson. The wood pieces, blue walls, and yellow and orange accents seem to fit the color scheme I'll be working with. 

Photos by Marnie Hawson

Tile Home in the California Desert

I was browsing Air BnB spaces last night and happened upon one of the most unique boho-crazy spaces I've ever seen. Every inch of this home is decorated with a bright and dizzying array of tiles. The fantastical, over-the-top decor is a kaleidoscope for the spirit. Does it borderline on insanity? Perhaps. But there is no doubt about it - you can't help but smile when looking through the photos of this space. The best part? You can stay here. If you want a one-of-a-kind experience of the desert of Twentynine Palms, California, book your room HERE.

All photos can be found at the Air BnB link below: 

Home Tour | Howard Jackson

I've just published another home tour on and it's one you won't want to miss. To see the full article and all of the photos, click HERE. But in the meantime, here's a little excerpt from the article:

Howard Jackson’s home is a treasure trove of estate sale finds and unique artifacts and art. However, he didn’t achieve this look all at once. It took Jackson many years to develop the home’s aesthetic. He says, “For a long time, it was clearly a bachelor’s residence. Lots of bare walls and nondescript furniture.” 

But that all changed in 2009 when Jackson’s mother became terminally ill. “I returned to California for about a month to be there for her. When I returned to Dallas after her funeral, I can remember going to sleep that first night in my house. I was in a bed without a headboard surrounded by clothes still packed in boxes,” he says. “After everything that had just happened, and after spending so much time back in the home that I grew up in, being back in my own place now suddenly felt so depressing. That’s when I decided to make the house a home.”

Houzz Tour | Richard Murray

Last week, I published a home tour on Houzz which might be my absolute favorite home ever. For artists, book lovers or nature enthusiasts, this home takes the cake. This astonishing live / work home and art studio is the brain child of animal portraitist, Richard Murray.

An excerpt from the article:

Eagle Valley is a small but verdant pocket of land tucked along the south end of the Wallowa Mountains in eastern Oregon. The area is home to generations of cattle ranchers, orchardists, fisherman and farmers. Richard Murray resides at the base of the valley. However, unlike his neighbors, he does not use his land to produce organic beef, lamb or pit fruit. His product is art.

See the full article and all of the photos HERE.

A huge "thank you" to Richard Murray for graciously hosting me.
See the full article and all of the photos HERE.

Early 19th Century Craftsman Homes

Lately, I've been missing the bungalow lined streets of Seattle's Queen Anne, Capitol Hill and Wallingford neighborhoods. And yesterday, I happened upon Antique Home Style, a website that features hundreds of original floor plans and elevation drawings. I've always understood homes as a reflection of society's values. That's why its so fascinating to watch residential architecture change over the decades - it reveals a set of shifting values. The Arts & Crafts era of architecture has always resonated with me. Take a look...