Spirit House Made With Recycled Windows

I am so excited to share my latest tour on Houzz.com. This amazing space was dreamed up by Tymmera Whitnah of New Bridge, Oregon. Tymmera is an artist, dancer, drummer, traveler and a collector of experiences. Her Oregon home lies at the narrowing north end of Eagle Valley in a tiny town called New Bridge. Here she raises llamas, throws pottery in her studio, hosts belly dancing classes and tends to her country home. Even with all these different activities, what distinguishes her property is a glass house, constructed entirely from recycled materials, that is perched on a hill in the backyard.

During her first trip to Bali, Tymmera fell in love with the architectural style of structures elevated on poles. She dreamed of creating her own similar open-air space on stilts with only a roof above it and simple stairs to reach it. Tymmera planned and built this incredible space with the help of her Dad, some family friends and a pile of reclaimed wood from her grandfather's barn. Check out the full article HERE and see how she did it!