Change is in the Air - Moss Green and Navy

Hello friends.  This week we had a little home repair on our thermostat and it left a big gaping patch of ugliness on one of my living room walls. Instead of orchestrating a small patch job, I'm using this as an excuse to convince my husband that the whole room needs to be overhauled.  Don't laugh - you know you are also guilty of these kinds of tactics.

I'm tired of sea grass gray on the wall.  I want something with a little more saturation and elegance. I also have to be able to use the furniture I have in my home.  Our living room color will have to compliment the rooms that it shares space with - namely our kitchen (dusky French blue) and our dining room (midnight blue - almost black).  So we've narrowed the color down to mossy green for the walls with perhaps some black or midnight blue accent colors on the interior doors.

Here is our living room as it stands today:

And here is a photo of what I would like the room to feel like.
I think the mossy greens, blues, textiles and red accents will work well in my space.

 And here are some other color schemes that speak to me:

Here is the color I'm considering for my living room walls:

Retro Avocado by Behr