Blue & Red

If I have to choose one color in isolation as an all-time favorite, then turquoise takes the trophy. However, when it comes to pairings, I love Indigo and red. My entire dining room is comprised of these colors as is much of my artwork.

As often happens, while floating link to link, in the wee hours of the night, I found Cabana Magazine's Instagram feed via My Favorite and My Best. It's a glorious collection of imagery, but I also noticed that they heavily feature my blue and red! Dreamy. Here's a taste...

Most photos from Cabana Magazine. A few are from my Pinterest boards.

Navy Walls and a Brass Bed

My friend, Hilary Walker (the brains and beauty behind Our Style Stories) is in the process of designing her new home. Do you know what that means for voyeurs like me? I get to watch her design her home room by room! Last week she gave us a glimpse into her finished master bedroom. Her color combos are always a surprising mash up - they feel sophisticated and adventurous all at the same time. Take a look.

Hilary is also in the process of creating a nursery for her first child, due this spring.
So stay tuned!

Hilary Walker on Instagram

The paint color is Sherwin Williams' Rainstorm. 

See Hilary's former home HERE?

All photos featured above are by Hilary Walker.

Mustard Midcentury Love Seat Part II

A few months ago I picked up a midcentury love seat from a neighbor on impulse. It used to be a part of a set and its original yellow upholstery is still very much in tact. It's really comfortable as well. For a few months I had it tucked away in my bedroom, not quite knowing what to do with it. But this month I moved it out into our living room. Does it match my brown Craig's List sofa? No. But that's alright. My goal is never that things match, but rather that they play nicely together.

Painted Potting Hutch

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! 
We're still rolling around the house in a food stupor. 
How about you?

I finished my potting hutch! Given the ice and wintery weather, I haven't had time to set it up or use it much. But I have big plans for this baby and hope to make it 'central command' when my garden gets going in the spring. I painted it bright turquoise with a can of gloss "oops paint" from Home Depot. I also painted the knobs white and left the glass in tact for now. Here's a peek:

Blue Hues with a Dash of Brass

Blue and Gold
Indigo and Brass
Peacock and Camel
Ink and Copper
Navy and Mustard
Lapis and Tawny
Royal and Wheat

Whatever you call it, its a glorious combination.
And I especially love it during the winter holidays.



source unknown







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Painting the Ikea Edland Bed

So, this is my bed.  
I like the yellow.  
Really, I do. 

And here it is again in someone else's home. 
The yellow is pretty, right?

But I'm kind of bored of the yellow now.
I love the idea of painting it!



That first photo of the blue Edland bed is so dreamy.
Wouldn't something like that look great in my moody gray bedroom?

Crimson & Cobalt

Red and Blue
Ruby and Sapphire
Carnelian and Lapis
Britain and France
Fire and Water 
Crimson and Cobalt

This is one of my favorite color combinations.




source unknown to me



And I've posted the photo below before, but it bears repeating. 
It's one of my favorites and certainly an inspiration for my own living room.


And here is a photo of my living room:

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I Love Bulk Trash

This weekend was bulk trash pick up in our neighborhood.  A friend of mine once told me that she rents a truck and prowls the fancy Dallas neighborhoods during bulk trash weekend.  I've heard of people scoring entire Restoration Hardware patio sets, beautiful Midcentry sofas in mint condition, pairs of Victorian wingback chairs, lucite console tables and more!

This weekend I scored two wooden rocking chairs from the bulk trash.  They needed a paint job, some new screws and a little wood glue.  I also found a door with little square windows.  It was damaged around the edges, but not so badly that it couldn't be repurposed.  I painted the name of our home on the glass panes and hung it from some rings and an "S" hook.  The weight of the door (this mother is heavy!) rests on the ground and the hooks keep it upright.  So, thank you bulk trash for the free spring update!

This Week in the Studio

I think I'm going through a bit of a blue period.  Or an ocean period.  Or a little-people-jumping period.  Either way, I'm having a good time.  Here are the pieces coming out of the studio this week:

Travel Plans  -  24 x 36 acrylic on canvas  -  $450

Joy Ride  -  9 x 12 acrylic on canvas wrapped board  -  $55

As always, these can be found in the shop.
Have a great weekend!

Big Color for a Midcentury Houzz

Here are some photos from my latest tour on Houzz. This home belongs to Monica and Morgan Campbell of Dallas, Texas. There is so much to love about this wonderful little house but my
favorite thing is the amazing roll-top desk pictured below. Thank you to Brandi of Flights of Whimsy for introducing me to the Campbells and thank you Monica and Morgan for the tour!

View the whole article HERE...

My Living Room is Finished!

I painted my living room blue last weekend and the results are in!  I snapped photos yesterday morning while fixing oatmeal for my 5-year-old and intermittently picking up a crying 2-year-old. So while they're not top notch photos, you'll get an idea of what I've done!  Presenting my very blue living room:

And just for fun, here's a before shot:

I painted with Benjamin Moore's Symphony Blue, which took four coats.  It was crazy but worth it.  Most of the room is comprised of furniture I already had on hand. However, there are a few new things in place.  The primary purchase was a set of red ikat curtain panels from Castle Creek Designs on Etsy.  They are beautiful and I'm in love with these curtains.  The other new piece is the red tripod table pictured above from West Elm - an early Christmas gift from my husband.  It was on sale!

Where did everything else come from?  Here's the breakdown:

Everything below came from Craigslist:
pair of yellow Midcentury chairs
pair of blue barrel back chairs
brown sofa
both sofa side tables
coffee table
circular table between blue chairs

Thrift Store
all four table lamps, each lamp was 5 dollars or less
(I spray painted two of them in turquoise)

red ikat curtains from Castle Creek Designs
grey chevron pouf by Aleta Fae - I won from a blog giveaway at Head Over Heels

Joss & Main
blue Ikat pillows on sofa
lumbar ikat pillow I won from a blog giveaway at Deliciously Organized

Pottery Barn
red paisley throw pillow and blanket
area rug

Stuff I made:

And just for fun... here are photos of our eat-in kitchen and dining room, both of which share space with our new living room... 

P.S.  All of the art in the photos below were painted by my son, Walker. 
Our dining room is like his little gallery.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to go bold and paint my living room dark indigo blue.  I love the look of it, as does my family.  It's warm, dramatic, energizing and just plain fun.  Have a GREAT weekend!

Living Room Peek

I spent the weekend painting my living room and after four - yes, FOUR - coats, it's finally done. I'm not sharing all of the photos yet, but here is a little peek at the wall behind the sofa area. The color is Symphony Blue by Benjamin Moore.

I also thought it would be fun to share the design photos that have inspired my latest living room update. These were pulled from a file called "Make this happen in my house".  Do you have a dream file too? 






Be sure to check back on Friday when I'll share LOTS of photos of the new room and treat you to a little "state of the house" tour. 

Change is in the Air Again... Blue and Blue

Well, after my post the other day, I spent some time with my green swatch on the wall and decided it looked like barf.  This is why we don't make rash decisions people.  So, after another round of paint swatches, Jack and I are now leaning toward blue.  We love blue. Its all over our house in some form or another.

We keep asking ourselves... is it too much blue?  But you know what?  There's no such thing as too much blue.  If I've learned anything from Steven Gambrel, its that layering blue on blue is a good thing. See below:

And here it is again with less light:

And here is the other side of the room:

See?  It's amazing!
Here are some more photos - proof positive that blue is the way to go in my living room.

We're considering the following blues:

Symphony Blue by Benjamin Moore

Champion Cobalt by Benjamin Moore

California Blue by Benjamin Moore

Realm by Behr

Change is in the Air - Moss Green and Navy

Hello friends.  This week we had a little home repair on our thermostat and it left a big gaping patch of ugliness on one of my living room walls. Instead of orchestrating a small patch job, I'm using this as an excuse to convince my husband that the whole room needs to be overhauled.  Don't laugh - you know you are also guilty of these kinds of tactics.

I'm tired of sea grass gray on the wall.  I want something with a little more saturation and elegance. I also have to be able to use the furniture I have in my home.  Our living room color will have to compliment the rooms that it shares space with - namely our kitchen (dusky French blue) and our dining room (midnight blue - almost black).  So we've narrowed the color down to mossy green for the walls with perhaps some black or midnight blue accent colors on the interior doors.

Here is our living room as it stands today:

And here is a photo of what I would like the room to feel like.
I think the mossy greens, blues, textiles and red accents will work well in my space.

 And here are some other color schemes that speak to me:

Here is the color I'm considering for my living room walls:

Retro Avocado by Behr


Blue Floral Bathroom

I love these large scale floral wallpapers being used in bathrooms!  With bathrooms, you have less space to cover, making it a little more affordable than, say, papering a bedroom.  And the effect is that you're being enveloped in a blue floral wonderland.  In the last photo, you can see that they even papered the ceiling!  So cool.




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Bold Blue

A little something about me that you might not know: I'm psychic.  And I know what you've been doing.  You have been hemming and hawing for far too long about what color to paint that room.  You know the room I'm talking about.  Want my advice?  Blue.  Bold beautiful blue.  Cobalt for drama.  Or peacock for playfulness. Your choice.