Yellow Door

Since I don't have the financial resources (yet) to buy the front door I want, I'm thinking of giving my existing door a yellow facelift. We recently replaced the handle on our front door and re-planed the bottom. The paint job got really chipped up in the process. So I need to do something. Remember THIS wonderful can of Farrow & Ball paint I received from my neighbor? I think my front door is calling out for yellow! Here are some inspiration photos while we wait and see.

That Certain Yellow

My garden is filled with yellow this time of year. I have squash blossoms, little melons, lemon cucumbers, marigolds, dill blossoms and sunflowers ready to explode at any moment. These cheery fruits and flowers all possess that certain exalted shade of yellow that shouts, "I'm alive and you must notice me!" We all have that golden kernel inside of us - that certain sun-drenched essence that exudes vitality, faith and desire all at the same time. Sometimes I wish we humans were as obvious with our inner light as these fruits and flowers.

This lively and robust yellow has been speaking to me. It's all over my garden and I want to get it into my house. Perhaps it would be best on a piece of furniture, or a painting, or even a wall.

Then, a few weeks ago, I covered Howard Jackson's home for As soon as I saw the front door, I knew I had found it: that certain yellow. After telling him how much I loved the color, Howard was so kind to give me the left over paint from his front door.

It's Babouche from Farrow & Ball and it is the dreamiest yellow I have ever laid eyes on. I'll let you know what I do with it!

Mustard Midcentury Love Seat Part II

A few months ago I picked up a midcentury love seat from a neighbor on impulse. It used to be a part of a set and its original yellow upholstery is still very much in tact. It's really comfortable as well. For a few months I had it tucked away in my bedroom, not quite knowing what to do with it. But this month I moved it out into our living room. Does it match my brown Craig's List sofa? No. But that's alright. My goal is never that things match, but rather that they play nicely together.

Blue Hues with a Dash of Brass

Blue and Gold
Indigo and Brass
Peacock and Camel
Ink and Copper
Navy and Mustard
Lapis and Tawny
Royal and Wheat

Whatever you call it, its a glorious combination.
And I especially love it during the winter holidays.



source unknown







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Painting the Ikea Edland Bed

So, this is my bed.  
I like the yellow.  
Really, I do. 

And here it is again in someone else's home. 
The yellow is pretty, right?

But I'm kind of bored of the yellow now.
I love the idea of painting it!



That first photo of the blue Edland bed is so dreamy.
Wouldn't something like that look great in my moody gray bedroom?

Browsing Cost Plus World Market

I had a few free moments yesterday, so I popped in to my local Cost Plus World Market for a look-see.  I love this place.  I always find something fun and interesting for my home or my kitchen cabinets.  I can pick up a great bottle of wine, a set of fresh towels, some ethnic jewelry and a little goodie for my three year old.  I haven't been in to the store in a while and I was so happy to see their most recent collections.  These are some of the items I might come home with if I were on a little spree.

Emerald and Blue

I think the most serene and oceanic color pairing I see these days is emerald green and blue - any shade of blue seems to work.  Sometimes the colors are really obvious and provide the base for a room, but other times, its merely a whisper of green and blue.  These colors look good on everyone and therefore, around everyone.  I would love to find a green velvet sofa like the one pictured last.  Has anyone seen something like this around?


Chris Court




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Bohemian Headwear

All bohemians wear hats, especially during the winter months.  In her book The Bohemian Manifesto, Laren Stover even includes a chapter on Bohemian Headgear in which she writes specifically about knit caps.  Looking for your own winter cap?  Check out these lovely knit tams from mojospastyle.

After you find the perfect knit cap, why not sit down and have a little cup of Christmas coco.  Or you could get really fancy and stick a gingerbread house on the side of your mug:

Find out how to make this HERE.

Good Day Sunshine

I'm ready for a great day.  Its been a long seven weeks since my son, Charlie, was born and while our home has been filled with joy at his arrival, it has been a guarded, quiet joy due to the nature of his prognosis.  As most of my readers know, Charlie is dealing with both a stroke he had in utero and also a condition called Craniosynostosis.  But today, my boys and I are ready for a great day.  A sun shiny day.  A bright yellow sun shiny day!  I'm ready to pack up the car seats and a few diapers and head out for a day of parks and ice cream and maybe a little window shopping.  Who knows where the day will lead us.

Raymond Hom Photography
Christopher White
House of Turquoise
Anthology Magazine
One Day I Saw

A Little More Elegance...

That is all I require today. These rooms all have that special combination of comfort and elegance. It can be a hard chord to strike sometimes. Too elegant can read as aloof or as my Aunt use to say, "just for looks - not for sitting". These spaces are livable, breathable, elegant and filled with a wonderful airy quality that I really appreciate.

Photo by Timothy Whelan


Old Chair, New Life

I was visiting one of my favorite consignment shops here in Dallas and found this little gem of a chair. It has some serious upholstery issues, but I love its shabbiness. When my brother was last in town, he promised to teach me how to reupholster furniture. He's a genius at this kind of thing. So, when he's here for Christmas, we'll see what we can do about the wear and tear on this sweet old chair. Isn't she a lovely addition to my office?

Happy Yellow

More yellow inspired photos in honor of those yellow fields I keep seeing at every turn in the Scottish countryside. In the immortal words of Depeche Mode, 'I just can't get enough'.

Gamrie Bay Color Combo

I made it to my father's home in Scotland on the Gamrie Bay in Gardenstown! I've been so inspired by the color sceme here - ocean blue with saffron fields of flowers. This particular yellow (more of an aged gold color) and blue are astonishingly beautiful together. As soon as I get can upload some photos, I'll share. But until then...

Sweet Broom

One of my favorite spring shrubs is Sweet Broom (also known as Scotch Broom) - not only for her stunning splashy color, but also for the light sweet scent she exudes. I just picked up a beautiful little bushy sweet broom and have lovingly placed her on my back patio. Her vibrant color has me thinking about other ways to get more yellow into my design diet.

Heavenly Colors

I am in love with this color pallette - golden yellows, sea blues and dark midnight blues, grays and blacks. It makes me want to sing. Seriously beautiful. Don't you think?