Room of the Day

I stumbled upon this bedroom while browsing Pinterest yesterday. Good Lawd, I'm in love! The rich color of the wood, the gray bed, the curtains, the embellished ceiling and the ornately trimmed double doors make for a knock-out space. Marvelous!

White, Wood, and a Touch of Gray

What a refreshing color combo.  I need a little serenity on this cloudy day in Dallas, so I'm filling this post with gorgeous, quiet, spacious, calm rooms. My life has been nothing short of crazy this week.  My son has been having seizures, I've been recovering from an ear infection and I've just begun rehearsals for a show.  I need a zen moment.  How about you?







Gray Chevron Pouf by AletaFae

Just a quick note:

A few weeks back I won a pouf from a giveaway hosted by Nelya at Head Over Heels.  She was showcasing the awesome pouf magic of AletaFae via Etsy.  I instantly fell in love.  And I won!  My beloved pouf just arrived on my doorstep and I had to share.  Please go check out AletaFae's gorgeous poufs.  I love mine (see below) and will probably start collecting them all.  Thank you Nelya! Thank you AletaFae!

Luxe Details from Ikea

Since installing our chandelier two weeks ago, my bedroom has been calling out for some other luxe details.  I know that Ikea isn't necessarily the first place you think of for finding luxurious finishing touches, however, when my mom and I were shopping there last weekend, we spotted two Euro size gray velvet pillow cases and a furry white flokati.  They are the perfect accessories for elevating the look of our master bedroom for not a lot of money.

Small changes, big impact!

Here is what the room looked like before the Ikea additions:

And just for fun, here is what the room looked like when I first saw it 18 months ago.  Yes, that is a padded fabric wall behind the bed, which was held up by a bazillion staples.

Chandelier Installation

Yesterday, after 19 days of hard work, Jenny from My Favorite and My Best showed off her beautiful new and improved butt.  And while I could never ever top such an awesome and inspiring post, I thought I'd show you what I did with the last 19 days.  Remember this little beauty I picked up at a bookstore in Natchitoches, Louisiana a few weeks ago?  In the same amount of time that Jenny created her fine ass, I've been staring at my uninstalled light fixture - sitting in the corner of my bedroom.  I've been waiting for a free moment when both my children were content and/or sleeping and my husband was home to help me.  As you can see, it took three weeks for that combination of events to occur.  Here is a photo of the chandelier hanging in the bookstore:

The monstrosity that you see below has been hanging in my room for a year and a half.  It is the center of an old ceiling fan.  I took the blades off long ago, but the large brass machinery was left behind as a reminder to find something more suitable.

The light box was in pretty good condition.  My fixture is new to me, but actually pretty old - taken out of a house in New Orleans.  The wires on the fixture were not color coated and there was no ground wire, but this is really normal for older fixtures.

The plaster was breaking away, so I hid it under this medallion from Home Depot.  It actually matched the 1970's crown molding in our bedroom.  They're easy to paint, although I didn't do that because I'm lazy.

Ta da!

This is what she looks like from underneath.

I don't know... now that I look at it, I think I'd rather have Jenny's tight butt.

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Reclaiming my Bedroom

I posted a few days ago about creating a shared room for my sons.  They are both on the same sleeping schedule at night, so we thought this would be a good time to make the switch. So far, its working out beautifully.  We are very lucky in that we don't have to store toys in the bedroom - we have a converted garage that serves as a play area.  The boys' bedroom is mostly dedicated to reading, nursing, diaper changing (for the baby) and of course, sleeping.  Here is a before and after of the space:





And here is our reclaimed master bedroom.  Until I figure out what I want to put against this wall, I've placed two brown wicker chairs and a side table I picked up off of Craig's List.  This is formerly the wall where we had the crib.  We also had a changing table in the opposite corner.  Both are now in the boys' room.  The diamond mirror on the wall was a recent find at a vintage consignment store in Dallas and the easel in the corner belonged to my grandmother who was a water colorist.  Its so nice to have our own space again!

Of course, even with a new room of their own, 
they still enjoy spending the morning on Mama's bed.

Also, I've been learning how to use my webcam recently so that I can try vlogging.  I did a test run yesterday and posted it to the La Maison Boheme Facebook page.  I've also posted my first vlog to my About page. The response was good, so I thought I'd give it a go for today's post.  I'd like to make La Maison Boheme more personal by posting vlogs in addition to my regular fare.  Dear readers, I'd love to hear your thoughts.  (If you don't care for video blogging, feel free to say so.  But please be kind and remember that I'm a mama to two little ones and I do all my blogging before 9am.  Meaning, my look is casual - even pajama-like,  and the coffee hasn't quite kicked in yet.  XO)

Raw Linen

Linen is hands down my favorite fabric.  I love the texture and feel of this old standard - the more raw and textured the better.  I wear it, I hang it, I eat off of it, I sit on it, I sleep under it - you get the idea.  I even love the wrinkle factor.  Sometimes I iron it out, but mostly I leave it be.  Do you love linen too? 











Lavender + Gray

I have recently fallen in love with this wintry color combo.  Lavender and gray.  Hydrangea and fog.  Lilac and stone.  Heather and heath.  I love every subtle incarnation of these two colors.  I think that this might be a gorgeous color choice for my master bedroom.  I've already got the gray walls, I just need some lovely lavender bedding.... and a different bed... oh, and some different furniture... and new art... and... and...

via Keltainen Talo Rennalla

source unknown to me

via Angelo : HOME

via Bijou and Boheme

Giovanni Boldini

via Head Over Heels

via Material Girls

Pia Ulin

Pia Ulin

via The Lennoxx

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This Room

I can't stop thinking about this room.  I love every little thing about it.  The stair case, the floor boards, the settee and throw pillows, the oar mounted in the stair well, the shuttered window, the frames on the floor, the books, the worn rug and tray table - its all perfect.  The feel of this room - its patina, grace and bohemian nature - is always what I'm aiming for in the design and decoration of my own home. 

Photographed by William Waldron

Hans Blomquist

I know I've showcased photos by Hans Blomquist here and there, but I wanted to draw attention to his work specifically.  I love the shadowy, rustic quality of his art direction and styling.  He uses fantastic props and I always feel that the photo has a story to tell. 

Mr. Bed

I'm always trying to find the right balance when decorating my home.  If left to my own devises, I'd go all Frenchy, silly, pretty, bohemian.  But I share my space with dudes.  So this means French influence rather than Louis XIV.  This means muted  color rather than balls to the walls purple.  This means compromise.  And the place where I have to compromise most is in decorating our bedroom.  Here are some beautiful bedrooms that have "dude" written all over.  Maybe you have to share space with opposite sex as well?

via La Dolce Vita

via Casa Sugar

via A Life's Design


E-Deco Magazine

Todd Romano

Autumn Breeze

Yesterday was a brilliantly breezy day in Dallas and this morning as I write, its 55 degrees.  In honor of this welcomed shift I want to introduce some beautiful fall color into my home.  Home decor and design is one of the easy ways for me to mark the changing seasons with my family.  And I'm not talking about decorating the mantel with pumpkins or little Mayflower replicas.  I enjoy changing the entire look and feel of my home. Sometimes this simply involves re-arranging the furniture, pulling out some of my darker autumn and winter decor.  Today, I'll tuck away the brighter objects and floral prints for next spring and re-introduce some rust colored velvet pillow covers, a few beautiful pieces of dark pottery and clear the decks for Fall.  What do you do to mark the changing seasons in your home?

via The Diversion Project
Raymond Hom Photogrphy

Mademoiselle Piggy

"Miss Piggy" sounds nicer in French, don't you think? This is how I feel lately. A stylish Miss Piggy - except that Miss Piggy has better eye make-up. I was browsing through my journals the other day and I found this entry, written when my first child was one year old. Now I've got an almost three-year-old and a newborn. Things seem to be compounding. Anyway, I think my journal entry bears repeating:

As defined by the body mass index chart and Lane Bryant, I am a "plus size" woman, which means that my clothing options are a little more limited than the average gal. Sure, there are lovely styles out there for larger women, they just happen to be a skosh out of my price range. (See Eileen Fisher photos below.) Add to this a one year old child to look after and my style quotient goes down even more. You mamas know the drill. Baby arrives and you get by with a shower every fourth day and you're constantly in your favorite jeans searching for a clean blouse. Then it turns into a rinse every seven days and the jeans give way to something with elastic. Then you're only washing your hair once every two weeks and re-using the same nursing bra you've worn six days in a row. Then you're just wetting a washcloth and sponging your pits down as you run out the door with toilet paper hanging out the back of your sweat pants. It gets pretty desperate in the Mama trenches. Still, in the face of all this, I think I've remained fairly stylish. I still have some lovely bohemian apparel items that look good and feel good. But I'm ready to reclaim a little of my pre-baby pizazz. I don't mind being plus sized at all. I'm simply looking for a little umph. It might be as simple as an extra 10 minutes a day in the clear for mascara application, some lotion on my crusty heels and a colorful scarf. But its clear I need something.