Gray Chevron Pouf by AletaFae

Just a quick note:

A few weeks back I won a pouf from a giveaway hosted by Nelya at Head Over Heels.  She was showcasing the awesome pouf magic of AletaFae via Etsy.  I instantly fell in love.  And I won!  My beloved pouf just arrived on my doorstep and I had to share.  Please go check out AletaFae's gorgeous poufs.  I love mine (see below) and will probably start collecting them all.  Thank you Nelya! Thank you AletaFae!


Dear Universal Goddess of Motherhood and Faith,

Today I need a little peace.  I've been battling a double ear infection for almost two weeks, my son - Charlie - has also been sick with snot and fever and crying bouts that do not end, and I have not had more than three hours sleep in a row for going on three weeks.  So today, Universal Mother in the Sky, I ask for a little peace, a little quiet and a little rest.

Your faithful daughter,

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