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One of the many perks of working freelance with Houzz.com is that I get to meet bright, engaging, creative people. A few weeks ago, I interviewed artist, craftswoman and designer Sarah Wilson about her new home in Waxahachie, Texas. Her stylish house, which she shares with husband Ben and daughter Goldie is a breezy, modern oasis deep in the heart of Texas cattle country.

Sarah comes from a large family, and her goal for the house was to create an open layout with a studio where she could produce her jewelry line, Sarah Briggs. The new build was completed last month and took four years to complete. Here are some of my favorite images from our photo shoot. But be sure to go HERE and read the full article.

But that's not all... 

Not only does Sarah make gorgeous jewelry, she also makes art and textiles, which she sells on Etsy. I had a wonderful time talking with Sarah about her creative work and perusing her line of throw pillows and art prints. If you have some browsing time, check out her beautiful work at the links below:

Harness  -  8" x 10" print available at SB Home

Blue Vases  -  Textile

Blind Date  -  12" x 12" original painting

And to top it all off... she bakes. 

Here she is serving Crepe Cakes that she made for Goldie's first birthday last week.
Sarah Wilson, how do you do all that you do?
I demand answers!

image courtesy of Do It Sarah Style

Morning Light

The day after Christmas is always one of my favorite days of the year. Usually, the house is stuffed with left over feast food and pie and my child is happily playing alone, consumed with new projects, toys and games.  We had a white Christmas yesterday - an outright miracle in sunny Dallas, which only three days before clocked in at 74 degrees Fahrenheit.

This morning, as the sun rose, my bedroom window was magically under-lit by rays reflected off of the gleaming snow. Here's a picture of the paper heart garland that hangs over our bed. I hope you have a beautiful post Christmas day!

Paper Heart Garland from MontclairMade on Etsy

Compassion, Stregth & Determination

I've just finished an art commission from a dear friend of mine who owns and operates a back yard boot camp and gym facility called Positively Fit Lake Highlands.  As the name implies, her mission is to help her clients create a positive, energized life through fitness and self care.  I've been attending her classes for almost a year and she was very instrumental in my 75 pound weigh loss. Basically, she is amazing and I was very excited that she was interested in my artwork.

She asked that I create three large scale pieces for her gym with the words Compassion, Strength and Determination.  She gave me an energetic color scheme and then set me free to create whatever I liked.  I thought I'd share them with you!  Here they are, ready to hang:

See more of my work HERE.

Patina Vie

I'm in a search and score mood today - clicking through all the buried online treasure to be discovered at Etsy.  I bumped into Patina Vie, a store filled with vintage goodies, and fell in love with the sweet items below.  If you've got a moment, click on over and check out the beautiful trinkets at Patina Vie. You won't be disappointed.

And don't forget to enter the Bedding Style Giveaway!  
You could win a beautiful bedding set!  Enter to win by clicking HERE.


Sarah Saw Something

Welcome to the "my life" edition of Sarah Saw Something - a weekly feature where I share little odds and ends that I found interesting around the blogosphere this week.   But as I said, this week, I'm highlighting some personal news.  I promise to be back on Monday with my usual boho decor fare and an awesome giveaway!  So stay tuned.

It's been 35 weeks since I began my weight loss jonrney and blog Smaller Sarah.  As of this week's weigh-in, I have lost fifty pounds!  Fifty!  Read more about it HERE.

Smaller Sarah

And my son, Charlie Fighting Bear, continues to combat back the effects of his stroke.  He just started some new therapies and is already making amazing strides in just a few short weeks!  He was recently selected as a beneficiary for an organization called Kenna's Kids.  They are hosting an huge golf tournament as a fundraiser for this year's kids - there are two others in addition to Charlie.  I know most of you are not local, but click HERE to read how you can help Charlie heal from afar.  You'll also be able to read about the other two amazing children who've been selected as 2012 beneficiaries. Your support means the world to me! 

Help Charlie Heal
And I've just restocked the small but sweet selection of vintage goodies at my Etsy shop.  Please click HERE to browse!

La Maison Boheme Etsy

Ladies Ecru Gloves

Vintage Portable Royal Typewriter

Small Ceramic Pitcher

Vintage Hand Mirror and Comb Set

The Watermark Bindery

Do you journal?  I do.  I have since I was about nine years old.  Its one of the only habits I've been able to sustain through out most of my life - well, that and eating.  A few years ago, my mother-in-law gave me a journal made the Watermark Bindery, a small business based out of Port Townsend, WA.  The journal was beautifully made, and did something wonderful: it stayed open when laid flat.  I have now scribbled my way through five of these journals.  I love them.

As you know, its black Friday.  If you want to avoid the malaise of long lines and discounted discontentment being peddled in every corner of the retail world, look no further.  These journals, address books and note books are truly beautiful, thoughtful holiday gifts.  They are lovingly handmade by a real person with a small business.  They are unique, well priced and of the highest quality.  You can buy them on the website, on Etsy or at unique small book stores and galleries around the country. (click HERE for a list).  Here is a look at the book binding process used at the Watermark Bindery.

Today, I started a new journal from the Watermark Bindery...

"What sort of diary should I like mine to be? Something looseknit and yet not slovenly, so elastic that it will embrace anything, solemn, slight or beautiful that comes into my mind. I should like it to resemble some deep old desk, or capacious hold-all, in which one flings a mass of odds and ends without looking them through." - Virginia Woolf

Walker's Room and a Winner!

First things first - the winner of the Shabby Apple giveaway is #57, Athena!  
Congratulations on your beautiful new dress!  Athena, I'll be in touch shortly...

And now, on to Walker's new room.  Remember THIS post from a few weeks ago?  You all had some great ideas for Walker's room, many of which I implemented.  Just as you suggested, I went lighter with the wall color and made sure that all of Walker's books were easily accessible for a little guy.  Walker had some requests as well - mainly that his fish be closer to his bed and that I keep the window clear of big furniture.  He said, "I want to look at our street and watch for ducks or bad guys."

Again, here is a photo of his room before hand.  As you can see, it definitely has the baby blue nursery vibe and he had to share it sometimes with his baby brother, Charlie.  Walker turned four last week, so he needed his own space - free of the baby stuff.

Here's the new room!

All of the furniture was already in our home, so it was just a matter of re-arranging some things and in some cases, hitting it with a bit of spray paint.  The new elements are the huge pull down school house map on the back wall and the floor to ceiling curtains, which I have still yet to hem.

The bolster pillow on the bed , throw pillow on the couch 
and the curtains are all IKEA fabrics that I picked up on sale and stitched together.
The paint color on the walls is "Creamy Mushroom" by Behr Paints.

The chevron print pouf is by Aleta Fae, which I won in a
giveaway at Head Over Heels.  And the love seat (an old Craigslist find)
is a pull out bed for when Walker has sleep overs.

These sweet prints - a galleon and turn of the century hot air balloon - 
are from Collage-O-Rama on Etsy.  The frames are IKEA and I spray painted the mattes.

Here's a close-up of the map, which I found for a great price on ebay.
It's from an old old school house in Georgia (1957).

I snagged this cool vintage globe during a sale at The White Woods.
The White Woods has a great little collection of vintage goodies.

And the beautiful quilt on Walker's bed was made by our wedding officiant.  
He is an amazing quilter and created this for Walker when he was a baby. 

Of course, Walker loves the end result.  
His favorite part is the little chair and reading lamp under the window.
Okay, so now comes the time when you tell me what you think! 
Any thing that I should add, subtract or re-think?

We have a winner...

 And the winner of the One Man's Trash necklace giveaway:

Drum roll please...

Congratulations to Jenn who wrote:
"My absolute fav is the Marseilles Bangle Set. But, let's be real...
I could and WOULD wear any of her pieces. Such great color!   XoXo  - Jenn"

Thank you to everyone who participated and especially to Rachel at One Man's Trash 
for creating this gorgeous one-of-a-kind piece for this giveaway. 

Sarah Saw Something

Time for another installment of Sarah Saw Something, where I share little odds and ends that I found interesting around the blogosphere this week.

 If you haven't already done so, take a moment to enter this week's giveaway.  Rachel from One Man's Trash has made this gorgeous necklace for one lucky La Maison Boheme reader.  Click HERE to enter.  The winner will be announced on Monday morning.

 I loved this post from Trendey Decor, which showcased my favorite color - BLUE!

My son Walker, started preschool this week!  This was a first for both of us.  Walker has spent every day of his first 46 months of life at home with me.  We make a good pair.  But this week, everything changed and Walker headed off to school.  He was super excited and as ready as ready can be.  When we arrived at school, I was prepared for the "mommy, please don't leave me here" moment.  But it never came.  I signed him into class, the teacher helped him find his cubby and hook, then he spun around, saluted me and said, "So long, Mom."  That was my cue to leave.  Here's a shot of my big boy on his first day!

And finally, I loved this little post from Anya Adores about using copper accents in the home.  I love the look of copper.  In fact, I drove past a house the other day that had all copper gutters around the edge of the roof and it looked fantastic. 

A Giveaway from One Man's Trash

I am thrilled to announce this fantastic giveaway from Rachel Miller, artist and owner of One Man's Trash. Rachel is a new mom who lives and works in Austin, Texas creating one-of-a-kind Bohemian jewelry and accessories. Her work is totally unique, colorful and easily wearable. The photos below were taken at a recent fashion show in Austin that showcased her beautiful work.

Some questions for Rachel...
What is the essence of One Man's Trash? 

I try to find beauty in common and unexpected items. Treasure in unexpected places if you will.  Much of what I use is would-be waste, scraps of tubing, rope, common household items, simple hardware store supplies-even things I find on the ground. That is not to say I don't occasionally find something at the bead store that I simply MUST HAVE but I aim to use it in an unexpected way with other, not-so-obvious materials.  I try to let the creativity of the design be more of the allure than the expense of the materials--it can be an exciting design challenge while also reducing a little bit of waste. 

What inspires you?

Much of what I do is with fiber and embroidery threads. This allows me to have a full palette of color to work with but in an unusual medium. While I have a signature style of bright, bold, ethnic pieces, no one piece is the same with my work and I am continuously trying something new.  I am inspired by EVERYTHING!  My pieces are designed for bold women who love looking great and a little different, yet they are priced for REAL people such as myself.  Most people don't have $500 to spend on a necklace but should be able to express themselves just as someone with access to high fashion-Responsible fashion. It is thrilling to be able to express myself creatively and have others respond the way they have.

Rachel has created a special necklace just for this giveaway!  In a recent email, she wrote "I know you told me not to make something special, but I was feeling inspired and want La Maison Boheme readers to really get a sense of what my work is about..and in lovely fall colors!"  Inspired, indeed!  This is a stunning two-strand fiber choker with a large faux jade bead in fuchsia, olive, chartreuse, rust, red, black and white fibers.  It could be yours...

Then come back and leave a comment about your favorite piece from Rachel's collection.  It's that easy!  Include your email or make sure we have a way to contact you when you win! The giveaway ends Sunday, September 11th at midnight. The winner will be chosen randomly (using random.org) and announced on Monday, September 12th.

Bonus Entries
Please make a separate comment for each of the bonus things that you do. If you are already doing one of these things, please leave a comment to let me know. The separate comments help me to stay organized and makes choosing a winner so much easier. It also ups your chances of winning!

1. Follow this blog = 1 comment entry
2. Become a fan on Facebook = 1 comment entry
3. Purchase something from One Man's Trash = 1 comment entry
4. Blog or tweet about this giveaway and leave a link in your comment = 1 comment entry

Velvet Ribbon

There is something utterly feminine and vintage about velvet ribbons and trim.  I used to have an empire waist dress that was trimmed at the neckline with a thin strip of worn buttercup yellow ribbon and I thought it was the prettiest most ladylike thing in the whole wide world.  Now, I love it as a quick headband, belt, or gift wrap.  As I was looking around at velvet trims for this post, I came upon a staggering selection of vintage velvet ribbons via Etsy.  I don't know where to start or stop!

















La Maison Boheme on Etsy is Restocked

This is just a little shameless plug for my vintage Etsy shop.  I hope you can stop by and see some of the new items I've added this week.  And thank you to Guilliana who featured my shop on her blog this week - see it HERE.  I'll be adding more items this weekend, so please check back again soon.

Vintage Ceramic Bird

Small Ceramic Pitcher

Vintage Portable Royal Typewriter

Butterfly Playing Cards in Porcelain Box

Mirrored Oval Vanity Tray

Gypsy's Glass Scrying Ball

P.S.  Charlie has been home a whole week now from the hospital and is doing very very well.  You can read all about his recovery (with photos of course) at Help Charlie Heal

xoxo - Sarah

Gray Chevron Pouf by AletaFae

Just a quick note:

A few weeks back I won a pouf from a giveaway hosted by Nelya at Head Over Heels.  She was showcasing the awesome pouf magic of AletaFae via Etsy.  I instantly fell in love.  And I won!  My beloved pouf just arrived on my doorstep and I had to share.  Please go check out AletaFae's gorgeous poufs.  I love mine (see below) and will probably start collecting them all.  Thank you Nelya! Thank you AletaFae!

Sarah Saw Something

Time for another installment of Sarah Saw Something, where I share little bits and bobs that I found interesting in the blogosphere this week. Enjoy! 

 I love these photos by David Wooly via Head Over Heels.  Nelya, you always post the most breathtaking spaces.  I love your blog!  Click HERE to see more.

I was just introduced to the beautiful art and stone work of Jeffery Bale via Plum Sienna. I would love to try something like this in my back yard.  I could do a dumb-down version of this, right? Click HERE to see more of Bale's stone mosaics.

Look at this beautiful boho jewelry, hand made by Rachel Anderson from One Man's Trash.  I think I need to have THIS ( The Pasha Watercolor Necklace).  My birthday is only three days away... anyone?  anyone?  I love that it's all crafted from stuff she has lying around the house.  Up-cycle, people, up-cycle!

And lastly, don't forget that the online auction to benefit my son, Charlie, is underway this weekend!  The auction is being hosted through Facebook.  Go to the auction page HERE and "like" the page.  Then start bidding!  All proceeds go to Help Charlie Heal - a fund for Charlie's crazy big medical expenses.  Thank you all for your amazing support as Charlie gets ready for craniofacial surgery on August 1st. 

Sarah Saw Something

Time for another weekly installment of Sarah Saw Something, where I share little bits and bobs that I found interesting in the blogosphere this week. Enjoy!

 This amazing home tour via Dwellers Without Decorators blew me away!

Very interested by this open call at Coco+Kelly. All submissions are due by April 25th - plenty of time to rock out a little ditty!  Click HERE for more details.

 Happy to see the launch of yet another online shelter magazine!  Click HERE to read the first issue of Trad Home - Lonny's new sophisticated baby sister.

And last but not least, the Help Charlie Heal Etsy store is restocked and filled to the brim with beautiful art cards. All of the art is created by 3-year-old son, Walker. 100% of our profits go towards Help Charlie Heal - a medical fund for Walker's brother Charlie.  We're saving our pennies for Charlie's craniofacial surgery in July, so please check out these gorgeous cards and if the spirit moves you, buy a set or two or four or ten!  Click HERE to browse our Etsy site.

We've restocked the Help Charlie Heal shop!

Yay!  The wait is over.  I have re-stocked the Help Charlie Heal Etsy site!  Go HERE to buy your set of art cards, painted by my son, three-year-old Walker.  He and I have made his art into note cards and are selling them on Etsy - saving our pennies for Baby Charlie's medical expenses.  For more information about Help Charlie Heal, please visit www.charliesfund.blogspot.com.

These are the cards in the set:

"Snakes In Love"
"Play Area"

"Orange Train"

"Splatter Picture"
"Stone Thrower"

"Yellow Room"

"The Red Potty"

"Race Track"

Thank you to The Hidden List for posting last week about Help Charlie Heal on Etsy.

Update on Charlie

Its been a big week for Charlie and our family.  Thank you, again, to all of you who have extended your love, support and healing mojo to my sweet Charlie.  He is already rewarding us with big advances this week.  Because of his stroke, Charlie is behind the "normal" curve when it comes to making multisyllabic sounds, ie. "bababab".  Charlie usually makes an open "a" sound that lives in the back of his throat. Jack, my husband, had the fantastic idea to involve our three-year-old, Walker, in Charlie's speech therapy.  Jack explained that rather than mimicking Charlie's open vowel sounds (Walker's normal pattern), he should make sounds that start with consonants.  So this week, Walker has been like the Big Bopper shouting, "Ba Ba Ba Baby!" for Charlie's pleasure and benefit.  Charlie thinks this is pretty funny. And just yesterday, Charlie did it.  For the first time he said, "ya ya ya" and "Dee" and "Bee" and "ma ma ma".  These are HUGE strides for our little guy.  I was so excited, I had to share with you all... especially since you've all become part of Charlie's recovery team!  Yay Charlie!  If you're interested in supporting this amazing and smiley sweetheart, please visit Help Charlie Heal.  See, just look how happy you've made him:

On another note, Charlie's Etsy site will be fully stocked and up and running on Wednesday.  I had no idea that we would sell out so quickly on Monday!  Thank you to everyone who has already purchased Walker's cards.  For those of you who are waiting in the wings, check back on Wednesday afternoon and we'll be back in business.  Thank you so much!

Just a reminder that this is the 
to enter our Bassett Furniture giveaway.

Click HERE to enter.

Sarah Saw Something

Time for another weekly installment of Sarah Saw Something, where I share little bits and bobs that I found interesting in the blogosphere this week. Enjoy!

Love the site, Craft Gawker, for people like me who love to marvel at the craftiness of others.

I love art that requires group participation.  I guess that's why I love theater.

And speaking of group participation, I love this video: 1234 by Feist.

And if you haven't done so already, be sure to enter our current giveaway.  There is a $500 giftcard from Bassett Furniture up for grabs.  Click HERE to enter!

I was inspired to organize my office because of this collection of shelving options from Skona Hem via Swimming With the Stars. So many cool options.

Vintage Royal "Arrow" Typewriter

First: a funny story.  Funny and in hind sight, dangerous.  I was standing at my stove prepping veggies to go into a pot that was on a burner.  I stood there day dreaming about possible design ideas for my living room when I smelled something odd and felt heat on my belly.  I look down and my shirt - my favorite J.Jill pullover - was on fire. On freaking FIRE!  I beat the flames out with my vegetables and assess the damage.  No burns.  Good.  No stove damage. Good.  But my poor shirt is a goner.  So, to memorialize my favorite shirt, I made her into a throw pillow for the bed in the guest room, which I am trying to spruce up for a family visit this weekend.

Ta da!  I backed the pillow with fake leather.

This was the original shirt... but mine, of course, was navy blue.

And now to the title of my post... I scored this amazing vintage Royal "Arrow" Typewriter for my Etsy shop.  Its a portable and comes happily situated in its own case.  The original ad in the Sears Catalog is below. 

Isn't she pretty?

More information can be found HERE.