MCM Malm Fireplace

Two years ago, I covered a home for that featured a Malm fireplace on the back patio. I had seen them only in 70's interior photos - never in person. I was enchanted by the fabulous design and the fun kitsch factor. Here is the photo I took for Houzz:

Since then, I've seen this Midcentury Modern piece popping up more and more. They've become quite popular. I would really love to have one, but they're virtually impossible to find in my neck of the woods, unless you buy one new from Design Within Reach. But who wants to do that? Half the fun is the history and the hunt! Ah well, I'll just put this beautiful conversation piece on the same list as my Airstream. 

Master Bedroom Reveal

Master Bedroom is finished! This has been months in the making, but today is the day. This winter, I parted with my IKEA canopy bed and began the process of re-tooling my master bedroom. (Don't worry, the bed went to a really good home. My mother took it to her farmhouse in Oregon, where she painted it black and reassembled in in her upstairs bedroom!) Our master suite didn't need a huge overhaul, but for crazy design enthusiasts like me a new bed means a new bedroom. So here it is....... Ta Da!

Here was my original design collage for the bedroom:

And here is the "before" photo of the space. The wall color, Ashwood by Behr, remained in place. However, the bedside lamps were relocated to our guest room and the long curtains relocated to our dining room.

One of my favorite new additions to the room is a gorgeous piece of art I bought from Atlanta-based artist Jenny Andrews Anderson a few months back. It received a frame this week and is now finally on my wall. It is the happiest, prettiest, most cheerful thing in the room. I love love love this piece of art!

There are two new pieces of furniture in the bedroom: the platform bed, which was purchased at Simply Austin, and the dresser, a vintage Haywood Wakefield piece that I found at VIEUX, a fantastic DFW resale shop. I wanted something in a natural wood with a masculine feel and this midcentury dresser was in outstanding condition.

And of course, I still have my August Macke print on the walls. 

I also picked up two swing arm sconces from I have to say, they look good, but they're pretty flimsy. If I were to do it again, I wouldn't be such a cheap-o. I'd buy THESE instead. They're still very reasonably priced and would look even better!

I kept my old IKEA Hemnes side tables. They look great and have a nice small footprint. However, I did alter them by sawing off the legs and adding a few gold paint details. You can see my full DIY post HERE.

The art above the yellow chairs is one of my own. It was created as a part of my Neuroplasticity exhibit last fall. It's called "The Healing Fields" and is seems to fit in the room beautifully.

The yellow club chairs were purchased last year from the DFW Craig's List. The side table is a family heirloom given to me last spring after my great aunt passed away. It is from India and the table top is a huge copper tray. The teakwood legs also have inlaid abalone shell. 

I was a little nervous that all of the new modern mid-century touches would clash with my brass chandelier, but I think everything plays very well together. And frankly, I think a small vintage chandelier goes with anything. 

There is a small patch of wall space above my bedroom light switch. I've hung my great-grandmother's coin purse just below a small sketch of a blackbird that I found at a thrift store in Austin, TX. 

At the foot of the bed, my husband and I have hung a flat screen TV above our old IKEA billy cabinet. I've had that thing since college. It holds all of our children's book. We read in bed every night to our sons, so we thought a mini kid library was a good use of space. See my little sweet pea poking his head around the corner?

So that's it! I hope you like my re-tooled master suite. My husband and I love it. The style is way more in line with our mutual aesthetic than the previous incarnation. This room makes me feel absolutely at home.

Houzz Tour | Megan Charters

Last week I introduced you to blogger and mid century enthusiast Megan Charters. Today we get to take a look at the rest of her colorful and eclectic North Texas bungalow!

Charters says, “I’m very much inspired by color and pattern and the juxtaposition of old and new. I like bringing together collections and memories from various eras and styles in a way that I hope is visually stimulating — with a healthy dose of humor. Almost like a whimsical museum gallery.”

See all of the photos at and read the full article HERE.

Find Megan elsewhere:

Master Bedroom Progress

I've been dragging my feet with our master bedroom. I have so many little things to do before it's finished. Remember THIS original design plan?

I'm still headed in that direction and the end is almost in sight. My final projects? First I have to frame and hang my beautiful Jenny Andrews Anderson piece. And the final task is to cut off the legs of my over-tall side tables and give them a little painted detail. Soon soon soon I'll share the whole she-bang. Until then, some little glimpses...

Mustard Midcentury Love Seat Part II

A few months ago I picked up a midcentury love seat from a neighbor on impulse. It used to be a part of a set and its original yellow upholstery is still very much in tact. It's really comfortable as well. For a few months I had it tucked away in my bedroom, not quite knowing what to do with it. But this month I moved it out into our living room. Does it match my brown Craig's List sofa? No. But that's alright. My goal is never that things match, but rather that they play nicely together.

Mustard Midcentury Love Seat

It's not like I need another piece of furniture - but I couldn't pass up this little beauty. A neighbor was selling this mustard colored love seat and I had to take it.  The upholstery is in great shape and this baby is solidly built! For now it's hanging out in my bedroom until I find an appropriate place to put her.

Houzz Tour | Sara & Rocky Garza

I'm so excited to share my latest offering on It is the home of Dallas area wedding photographers Sara & Rocky Garza and their darling dog, Samson. Theirs is a groovy abode, built in 1926, decorated with Midcentury furniture and Southwest textiles. Definitely check out the full article HERE. But until then, here are some photos from the shoot!

Check out the full article and see all of the photos:

Midcentury Houzz Tour

Good morning my sweet little Monday readers. Remember last week when I posted about the Kitschy toys and collections HERE?  Well here's the full home tour on It's an wonderful midcentury modern home in Dallas created by two design savvy home owners, James and Cindy Stolp.  The couple used to have a design studio downtown and are life-long midcentury kitsch collectors.  Their smart home, which is rigged top to bottom with awesome gear from Smart Things (a company that James co-founded), is fun, bright, colorful and pretty sophisticated for a home that also houses two small children. Read the full article HERE.

Click below to read the whole she-bang and see more photos!

P.S. The article I did on the tree house for made it all the way to the Huffington Post this past Friday!  Isn't that crazy?  Click HERE to read the article.

Big Color for a Midcentury Houzz

Here are some photos from my latest tour on Houzz. This home belongs to Monica and Morgan Campbell of Dallas, Texas. There is so much to love about this wonderful little house but my
favorite thing is the amazing roll-top desk pictured below. Thank you to Brandi of Flights of Whimsy for introducing me to the Campbells and thank you Monica and Morgan for the tour!

View the whole article HERE...

Midcentury Modern Ju-Nel Home

I'm excited to share with you my latest offering on
a tour of a fantastic Midcentury modern home built by Ju-Nel Homes.

When Mark and Betsy Nanchy first laid eyes on this home, it was stripped to the studs, was missing several walls and had holes in the floor revealing dirt below. Rotting due to years of neglect, the structure was in the middle of a remodel by New Leaf Construction. Built by Dallas' famous Ju-Nel Homes architects in 1965, this home had been an entrant in the New York World's Fair's "Home of the Future" series. The model house had been sponsored by the Formica company, so Formica products decked the home from top to bottom.

Despite the mess, the couple recognized the potential this home had. They had been searching for two years and knew exactly what they were looking for. The large lot, beautiful neighborhood, surrounding trees and midcentury-style interior sealed the deal.

Read the full article and see all the photos HERE.

Tulip art by Tamara White

Blue art by Tamara White

Art by Caleb Jack

Art by Caleb Jack

Read the full article and see all the photos HERE.
Additionally, I covered another Ju-Nel home in November that you might be interested in!

Green Dining Chairs

I've got little shots of green all over my house, but I'm very tempted to go all out and surround my dining table with green green green.  I've been collecting photos for a while and thought you might enjoy seeing some of what I'm thinking.  The cool thing about this color is that it doesn't matter whether you choose a vintage or contemporary style and shape, it always looks contemporary and fresh.  What do you think?










source unknown to me


source unknown to me

And as always, keep your eyes peeled at consignment shops and thrift stores...



Dear Universal Goddess of Motherhood and Faith,

Today I need a little peace.  I've been battling a double ear infection for almost two weeks, my son - Charlie - has also been sick with snot and fever and crying bouts that do not end, and I have not had more than three hours sleep in a row for going on three weeks.  So today, Universal Mother in the Sky, I ask for a little peace, a little quiet and a little rest.

Your faithful daughter,

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