That Certain Yellow

My garden is filled with yellow this time of year. I have squash blossoms, little melons, lemon cucumbers, marigolds, dill blossoms and sunflowers ready to explode at any moment. These cheery fruits and flowers all possess that certain exalted shade of yellow that shouts, "I'm alive and you must notice me!" We all have that golden kernel inside of us - that certain sun-drenched essence that exudes vitality, faith and desire all at the same time. Sometimes I wish we humans were as obvious with our inner light as these fruits and flowers.

This lively and robust yellow has been speaking to me. It's all over my garden and I want to get it into my house. Perhaps it would be best on a piece of furniture, or a painting, or even a wall.

Then, a few weeks ago, I covered Howard Jackson's home for As soon as I saw the front door, I knew I had found it: that certain yellow. After telling him how much I loved the color, Howard was so kind to give me the left over paint from his front door.

It's Babouche from Farrow & Ball and it is the dreamiest yellow I have ever laid eyes on. I'll let you know what I do with it!