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Welcome to the "my life" edition of Sarah Saw Something - a weekly feature where I share little odds and ends that I found interesting around the blogosphere this week.   But as I said, this week, I'm highlighting some personal news.  I promise to be back on Monday with my usual boho decor fare and an awesome giveaway!  So stay tuned.

It's been 35 weeks since I began my weight loss jonrney and blog Smaller Sarah.  As of this week's weigh-in, I have lost fifty pounds!  Fifty!  Read more about it HERE.

Smaller Sarah

And my son, Charlie Fighting Bear, continues to combat back the effects of his stroke.  He just started some new therapies and is already making amazing strides in just a few short weeks!  He was recently selected as a beneficiary for an organization called Kenna's Kids.  They are hosting an huge golf tournament as a fundraiser for this year's kids - there are two others in addition to Charlie.  I know most of you are not local, but click HERE to read how you can help Charlie heal from afar.  You'll also be able to read about the other two amazing children who've been selected as 2012 beneficiaries. Your support means the world to me! 

Help Charlie Heal
And I've just restocked the small but sweet selection of vintage goodies at my Etsy shop.  Please click HERE to browse!

La Maison Boheme Etsy

Ladies Ecru Gloves

Vintage Portable Royal Typewriter

Small Ceramic Pitcher

Vintage Hand Mirror and Comb Set

Sarah Saw Something

It's time for another installment of Sarah Saw Something, where I share little odds and ends that I found interesting around the blogosphere this week. 

This post showcasing ethnic textiles by Ashlina, aka The Decorista, made me very happy.

Rashon Carraway, aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting, blew my mind this week by painting (yes painting) a pair of wing back chairs in lieu of re-upholstering.  The best part is that it cost him only $14.99.  They looks amazing.  Click HERE to see the finished product and HERE to learn how he did it.

I can't stop listening to this duet by Gotye and Kimbra.  I love it so much.

For those of you who follow my other blog, Smaller Sarah - I just hit the six month mark on my one year weight loss journey!  I'm excited to report that I'm down 40 pounds and I'm gearing up for my first ever 5K run in March!  If you're interested, you can read more HERE.

And finally, don't forget to enter the Help Charlie Heal Giveaway.  You could win one of five sets of art cards created by my four-year-old son, Walker.  They are awesome!  Click HERE to enter.  Giveaway ends tomorrow night.

Very Cool Coffee Tables

If anyone has an extra one of these coffee tables just lying around, please send it on.  These coffee tables below kick all over my little Craigs-lister from 2009.  Just email for my address!






And on a totally separate note... 

For those of you who have been following along in my weight lost journey via Smaller Sarah, I'm so excited to report that I'm down 36 pounds since June 1st!  I'm almost half way to my goal of losing 75 pounds by June of 2012!  You can't see it, but I'm doing a little victory dance.

For Oprah...

Since her show is now over, I thought I'd continue the tradition.  
Here are a few of my favorite things...

The best flavor combination I've ever experienced. 
These chocolates are so good you'll die a little death.

My favorite-est coffee ever!  I discovered Victrola when I lived in Seattle, 
one block from their Capitol Hill location. When I moved 
to Dallas and left Victrola behind, I was bereft.

I picked up the Patchouli lotion at a Whole Foods in Santa Fe and never looked back. 
This is not your Aunt Sunshine's hippy essential oil roller stick.
This is a mild and delicate Patchouli.

I am a sucker for simple, beautiful tunics.  And this one from 
Eileen Fisher has really captured my imagination.  I don't have it yet, 
but I know that when I wear it, it will be one of my favorite things.

Many of you know that I'm on a mission to lose 75 pounds this year.
One of the sweet snacks I've discovered on this journey is the LÄRABAR, 
a beautifully simple fruit and nut bar that I find delicious and perfect in every way.  

Note: the companies above have not paid me to write this.  
I mean, I wish they would pay me - that would be awesome.
But they didn't - I just like their stuff.

My new blog: Smaller Sarah

I was really inspired by Kelly's announcement yesterday at Fabulous K:  she has just begun a blog called SKINNY as part of her weight loss journey.  Inspired by Kelly's gusto, I am seizing the moment!  I'm giving myself one year to lose 75 pounds.  That's right sisters, 75 big ones.  I'm going to finally lose the weight and I've started a blog to keep myself accountable and focused on the task at hand.  If you're interested in joining me or encouraging me along the way, please check out my new blog, Smaller Sarah.

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