Stealing from Jamie Meares

Yesterday, I posted about a very cool wall treatment painted by Jamie Meares for her shop, Furbish.  I loved it so much that I immediately stole her idea and painted my entry way.  Eeek!  I love it.  Here is the result:

Jamie, I don't know you, but I love your work and I hope you don't mind that I'm a bold faced design thief.  Imitation, they say, is the biggest compliment you can receive.  I also just found another cool example of the same wall treatment technique at Marcus Design

So here is how I did it:  I rummaged through my almost empty paint cans and mixed them up until I made a suitable gray.  Then I free-form painted the circles, not thinking too much about placement.  I wanted the circles to be like fat zen circles and less oblong.  I made sure, however not to make my circles too small.

Then, I added my entry table - an "As Is" item from Ikea.  I added some books, magazines, a little rattan folding stool and a doll chest I've had since I was nine years old.

Then I hung one of my own paintings above.

And ta da...  A totally transformed entry way!

Color Cleanse

Sometimes I get a little bogged down with my favorite colors and I can't see past them.  This is when a color cleanse is in order.  Just say no to myopic color hoarding and live a little! 










Oh, and P.S.  For those of you who are on the weight loss path with me over at Smaller Sarah, I'm so excited because I lost 4 pounds this week!  I'm finally back on track after a crazy month of ice cream and pediatric surgery!

That Mirror!

I love the two mirrors below and am constantly on the hunt for something similar for my foyer.  There is nothing better than a big inviting mirror as a first impression when you walk into a home.  It reflect the beauty of the home and the beauty of the people who reside there.



New Foyer

Remember this post from the beginning of the summer where I was boo-hooing the fact that my disgusting green and pink marble entryway would not be covered before my baby arrived? Well, my amazing mama made magic happen. She came for a visit and single-handedly dry walled, painted and laid down some new flooring. We used Allure Taskmaster snap down flooring from Home Depot. It rocks. Here are some hazy before and after shots to give you an idea.



Blue White Love

Blue and White were like, totally meant to be together. I remember when they first met, everyone was like, "They won't last, they're both too needy". But I knew that they would always be together forever. I mean Blue is so easy to be with and White is so supportive and cooperative. They are like, the coolest couple I've ever met.

Foyers - For Tammy

Hi Tammy. I am also in the process of rethinking the foyer of my new home, so your request comes at the perfect time. I'm of the opinion that the entry point of your home is a great place to make a big impression. It should, of course, be inviting but also be bold and reflect your family's personality. Here are some things to think about: Who lives in your home? What is the home's personality? What is the function of your entry way. Do you need a place to unload gear, shoes, coats, etc? Do you need seating for taking off shoes? In my new entry way, I'm going to have a long, waist high table for herding brick-a-brack and a shoe rack beneath for, well, shoes. I suggest going with pieces that are both functional AND beautiful to look at. I know, I know, I know... a beautiful shoe rack? Yes. Even mundane things deserve to be attractive. I'm also thinking of going with bright, bold wall paper in my foyer instead of putting art or photos on the walls. Here are some ideas:

a TABLE in the entryway - go with patterned wallpaper or keep it simple and serene:

A BENCH in the entryway:

Is your foyer to small for benches and tables? Try an upright coat rack or hooks:

No room for racks or hooks? Try a patterned floor, brightly colored walls or big art:

This is the paper I'm putting in the foyer of our new home! It is called "Daydream", designed by Julia Rothman can be found at Hygge & West.


I don't have a foyer, or a staircase, or even a spot to sit and take off my shoes. But this doesn't mean I can't dream about it.