Foyers - For Tammy

Hi Tammy. I am also in the process of rethinking the foyer of my new home, so your request comes at the perfect time. I'm of the opinion that the entry point of your home is a great place to make a big impression. It should, of course, be inviting but also be bold and reflect your family's personality. Here are some things to think about: Who lives in your home? What is the home's personality? What is the function of your entry way. Do you need a place to unload gear, shoes, coats, etc? Do you need seating for taking off shoes? In my new entry way, I'm going to have a long, waist high table for herding brick-a-brack and a shoe rack beneath for, well, shoes. I suggest going with pieces that are both functional AND beautiful to look at. I know, I know, I know... a beautiful shoe rack? Yes. Even mundane things deserve to be attractive. I'm also thinking of going with bright, bold wall paper in my foyer instead of putting art or photos on the walls. Here are some ideas:

a TABLE in the entryway - go with patterned wallpaper or keep it simple and serene:

A BENCH in the entryway:

Is your foyer to small for benches and tables? Try an upright coat rack or hooks:

No room for racks or hooks? Try a patterned floor, brightly colored walls or big art:

This is the paper I'm putting in the foyer of our new home! It is called "Daydream", designed by Julia Rothman can be found at Hygge & West.