Vintage Royal "Arrow" Typewriter

First: a funny story.  Funny and in hind sight, dangerous.  I was standing at my stove prepping veggies to go into a pot that was on a burner.  I stood there day dreaming about possible design ideas for my living room when I smelled something odd and felt heat on my belly.  I look down and my shirt - my favorite J.Jill pullover - was on fire. On freaking FIRE!  I beat the flames out with my vegetables and assess the damage.  No burns.  Good.  No stove damage. Good.  But my poor shirt is a goner.  So, to memorialize my favorite shirt, I made her into a throw pillow for the bed in the guest room, which I am trying to spruce up for a family visit this weekend.

Ta da!  I backed the pillow with fake leather.

This was the original shirt... but mine, of course, was navy blue.

And now to the title of my post... I scored this amazing vintage Royal "Arrow" Typewriter for my Etsy shop.  Its a portable and comes happily situated in its own case.  The original ad in the Sears Catalog is below. 

Isn't she pretty?

More information can be found HERE.