Storyteller Series | Cécile McLorin Salvant

Cécile McLorin Salvant has been playing in my house all week. My husband read a marvelous article about her in the New Yorker and we've been listening ever since. I am obsessed with her music, her tone, her wisdom, and her storytelling. And I have to also add that for me as an actor and theatre artist, I so admire Salvant's ability to completely embody a lyric and create a whole world with a song. Watching her sing is like seeing a masterclass in musical theatre. Wynton Marsalis said about Ms. Salvant, "You get a singer like this every generation or two." I must agree. She is a genius and I cant. stop. listening.

Storyteller Series | Aja Monet

I'm a story teller - whether its plays, poetry or paintings. Stories can connect us, change us, and save us. That's why I'm beginning a new series here at La Maison Boheme called Storyteller Series. Today, I'm kicking it all off with one of my favorite poets, Aja Monet.

Aja Monet is an internationally recognized poet, song writer, and human rights activist. Aja is a Brooklyn native of Cuban-Jamaican descent and lives in Miami where she runs Smoke Signals, a music studio. I've included two videos below of Aja sharing her work. But you can find more of her spoken word videos HERE. She will change you.


And here's a gorgeous video of Aja reading her poem "What I've Learned":