Artist Feature | Susanna Bauer

Oh friends! I’ve just discovered the work of Susanna Bauer and must share! I gasped when I saw the image directly below - the delicacy, the decay and the mending, the loss and the preservation - all happening in a single natural object knit together with such even-handed skill and patience. I hope you love her work as much as I do.

Her work reminds me of a few lines from the poetry of Joy Harjo, newly named U.S. Poet Laureate:

“It's possible to understand the world from studying a leaf. You can comprehend the laws of aerodynamics, mathematics, poetry and biology through the complex beauty of such a perfect structure. It's also possible to travel the whole globe and learn nothing.” ― Joy Harjo

Susanna Bauer’s Artist Statement:
I work with found natural objects. Leaves, stones, pieces of wood…ephemeral things, easily overlooked. And I use crochet; sometimes as embellishment, but mostly in a more unconventional way as a means of sculpture and construction. There is a fine balance in my work between fragility and strength; literally, when it comes to pulling a fine thread through a brittle leaf or thin dry piece of wood, but also in a wider context - the tenderness and tension in human connections, the transient yet enduring beauty of nature that can be found in the smallest detail, vulnerability and resilience that could be transferred to nature as a whole or the stories of individual beings.


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