June Already

It has been almost a month since I last posted. This is what happens when your husband returns home after almost four months away and then family wedding season begins! 

My partner, who has been away finishing a job in Dallas since mid-January, returned home to us on May 10th. It has been WONDERFUL to have him finally home. Since then, we've traveled to Ashland, OR to see my father in a play, worked a week thinning the apple trees at Eagle Creek Orchard, helped our kids finish the school year, and then off to Portland, OR for a week where I officiated a family wedding! 

We're home now, ready to truly settle in to a new rhythm. Its difficult when the family is not complete - when one or another of us are away making art and saving the world. The home always feels in limbo until the core family group is reconstituted. We're together again and the summer is looking up! 

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 11.04.31 PM.png

The photo above was taken at sun set from the Idaho side of the Snake River looking back at the Wallowa mountain range. What glory! What wonderment! Eastern Oregon is magic at this time of year. (Anytime of year, really.)

This will be our first summer in the new house. We're in the process of firming up our summer plans, but it mostly consists of family time on the front porch, exploring our beautiful surroundings, harvest work in the local orchard, and for me - finishing the final details of my new studio (like installing walls) and painting. Oh, so many paintings to complete!

What are your summer plans?