A New Era of Art Making

Today, the lovely people of Countryside Sheds in LaGrande, OR delivered my shed and soon-to-be studio. It was kind of amazing to watch it coming down the road. 

DSC_0063 (1).jpg

This is a game changer for me, friends. My livelihood depends 100% on my art, writing, and organizational nonprofit work. To do all three of these things, I need a space. I was spoiled in Dallas with my rented studio at the Continental Gin Building. When I moved to rural Eastern Oregon, I quickly realized I still needed a separate space to work. And the basement just wasn't cutting it. The addition of this studio space is a stretch for me, but one that I know will pay off. 

The space is 12 x 16 feet. It has good light and two fabulous french doors facing the side yard. Over the next six to eight weeks, I'll be working to make it comfortable and functional. My mind reels at the possibilities. 

I have always dreamed of having this kind of a space - a studio right next to my home, but separate. There is no commute. I can work in the wee hours. I can roll out of bed in my PJs, grab a cup of coffee, and disappear into the studio. I can be called into the house if my family needs me. I can still pick up the WiFi signal when working online with my colleagues at Statera Foundation. And I can walk away from a project in mid-process and know that it will be right where I left it upon my return.

This is a dream fulfilled, friends. And I can't quite believe I was able to make it happen. Thank you to my clients, patrons, and supporters. You are intimately connected to this new phase of my art career. Some of you have purchased art from me. Some of you make a monthly pledge through Patreon. Some of you simply wish me well and share my work with your communities. You make it all happen! I am so deeply grateful. Thank you.