Creating a Basement Art Studio

Today marks 2 months that I've been in my new home. And after the holidays, visits from family, learning to navigate snow, starting a new school, and settling in to life's new rhythm, it is time to get my art studio up and running!

The only current viable location for my studio is in our unfinished basement. I've spent the last two months watching this space closely - assessing water leaks, monitoring possible mold situations, and marking temperature changes. 

When we moved into our new home in mid-December, I wanted to jump right in and create my new art making space. But that would have been foolish. I've needed these past weeks to strategize my studio layout. The water table here is very high and I was warned that seepage would occur in the basement during snowmelt. And indeed it did. 

So now that I've seen the water's seep-and-recede pattern, I feel ready to set up shop. Today, I am inviting you into the space to take a look for yourself. Its doesn't look like much right now, but my hope is to make it workable for the next 6-8 months. Thank you for supporting me during this move! Here's a sneak peek at my new studio.


BEFORE photos are always fun. Especially later when I share the completed space!