Leap of Faith

After over a decade in Dallas, my family and I are returning home to the west. There are lots of reasons that this is the right move at the right time. But mostly we need to be with family. It's that simple. This summer while visiting my Mama's home in Eastern Oregon, my husband and I finally began entertaining the idea of moving. As it happened a beautiful 1925 Craftsman house in Halfway, OR came on the market. We moved quickly and have now made it ours. 


What does this mean? It means that I will continue my work as an artist and writer in the wilds of Eastern Oregon. It means my boys will better know their grandmother/s and visit extended family with more frequency. It means our children will be raised in a small tight-knit community. It means that we will be living a much simpler life. It means that seasonal rhythms will dictate our activities more than ever before. It means that we'll have to make do with less. Its means we have to get creative. It means that we're putting the "free" back in freelance. 

We won't be moving until December. We'll need that time to transition. Texas has been good to us and we've made some wonderful friends. But I'm very excited about this new chapter. 


Above is a photo I took this June in Pine Valley, very near our new home in Halfway, OR. And below is a photo of Main Street, taken in the fall.


And what about my art? What about my studio? Don't worry, dear readers. The work continues. Our new home has an unfinished basement that will work beautifully as an art studio. Its has natural light from six large windows and lots of open square footage. I have a feeling that this move will be a shot of inspiration for my art!

Again, we don't move until December, but in the meantime here are some photos of our new home. Of course, we'll be making some small changes over the next year to make it ours, but its already in beautiful condition.