Maura Enders: The Queen of Table Settings

No one sets a table like Maura Enders. No one. Her "more is more" philosophy gives every meal a holiday vibe. I don't know what happens in your home, but in mine, we're often throwing food together at the last minute. We barely sit down sometimes. Maura's table settings make a great case for the slow food movement and for making your meal as appetizing as possible. Cook slowly and fill your home with delicious aromas. Set the table with care. Sit down and take it all in. 

Michael Pollan, the food writer who brought us The Omnivore's Dilemma tells us that to properly digest a meal, the body needs time to smell the food and see the food cook. This process gets our salivary glands going and primes the stomach with the proper acids before introducing food to the system. If we just throw down a burger without notice, the body has a hard time digesting. 

Maura Enders' table settings inspire me to slow down and honor the food I prepare for my family. You can follow her on Instagram where she shares photos of her 1940s Cape style home in Princeton, New Jersey. There's also a great interview with Maura HERE