Pine Cottage: The Upstairs Bedrooms

Our new home has a two bedroom split at the top of the stairs. There is a sizable landing once you reach the top and two wood doors, each leading to newly carpeted rooms with low ceilings tucked under the rooftop. One bedroom belongs to our sons and the other will be a guest space. There are a couple of great lodging options out here in Eastern Oregon, but when friends and family come to visit, they'll be welcome to stay with us. 


The rooms both need to be painted, and their tiny narrow and deep closets will need some attention, but other than that they are in excellent condition. The blue room, which belongs to my kids, will be painted in sage and mossy color that my 10-year-old picked out himself. (I'm so proud!) The yellow room's new color has not been decided upon. I have to live with it a bit longer to know for sure. I'll be painting the ceilings white in both rooms. Any suggestions for wall color in the guest room pictured below? I'm all ears!