First Glance at the New Apartment

My little family has successfully moved out of our Texas ranch house and into a new apartment. We lost 1,470 square feet, but gained so much more. The new place is 1,060 square feet - plenty of room for a family of four and a Labradoodle. 

This weekend, we hosted an estate sale and sold nearly 2/3 of our possessions. I am a life long collector of art, textiles, vintage housewares and more. So this was a difficult exercise in letting go. But our neighborhood came out in droves and walked away with most of our belongings. 

Today, I'm taking a much needed afternoon to relax, eat some junk food and rest my feet. October has been a monster month for me and for our family. Now I'm looking froward to focusing on my artwork and my kids. It's time to get quiet and stop the spinning. 

Here are some early photos of our new apartment. When I land in a new place, I like to move quickly and make it feel like home right away. I have a feeling that this new phase of life will be very rewarding. Simpler. Quieter. And perhaps even filled with a sense a ease. May it be so.