What is Mine To Do? | #minetodo

After a week of horrific violence in Minneapolis, Baton Rouge and Dallas, many of us are asking "What can I do?" I too have the same question. The white community in particular is asking "What can I do?" Tracy Brown is an educator, activist and author who I have had the supreme pleasure to cross paths with a few times. Her book "Mine to Do" is beautifully written, actionable and available HERE. She also has a very active and affirming Facebook page HERE. I've posted Tracy's TEDx talk below.


This past week, my husband and I realized that what was OURS to do was to ignite a discussion with other white people about white privilege and the nightmare of white supremacy. I know that seems very heavy and overwhelming (and it is), but we're starting where we're at, with what we have. We started with a video on Facebook. If you're interested, take a look HERE!

Ask yourself, What is Mine to Do?