Delicious Dark Interiors

I'm a Cancerian. This is an astrological sign ruled by the moon, whose symbol is the crab. We're talking about a nocturnal, inky-depths, sea creature, here. And there is nothing I love more than a small, dark, cozy space to which I can retreat when the mood strikes. Sure, I have my extroverted moments as well, but sometimes I just need my own little cave.

Remember my former art studio? I painted the walls black. This was a very controversial thing to do, since it was an art studio. Art studios are traditionally bright, well-lit spaces. I've since moved my studio into a different room. But honestly, I'm missing my black walls and the cocoon-y feeling they evoked.

I've been looking again at the dark and broody interiors designed by Abigail Ahern. Her work is unapologetically dark in hue. Sometimes she goes all the way, painting the trim, the walls, the ceilings and anything that will stand still in dark shades of indigo, midnight, mulberry and coal. I'm a fan, to say the least. I think I might need to pull an Amy Winehouse and go 'back to black' in my studio. Check out the inspiring gallery of photos below.