Leaf Peeping

First, dear readers, thank you for all of the sweet notes of concern. I haven't posted recently and some of you began to worry for me. Thank you so much for thinking of me and expressing your concern and love. Sometimes the Internet seems like a terribly anonymous place and then my beloved blog community reminds me there is so much connection and compassion as well.

Last week, I ran away for a bit. I left my children safe in the arms of their grandfather, while my husband and I flew to New England for our 11th wedding anniversary. Last year at this time, I was at my brother's memorial and our anniversary plans were shelved while I attended to my family. This year, we wanted to get away and celebrate the good in our lives.

Our trip was beautiful and nourishing. We hit Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and on the last day, NYC for a little theatre. We're back at home in Dallas this morning and the world has come rushing in, but we feel a little lighter - a little brighter. Here's a quick look at some fall foliage from our trip taken off my Instagram account. I'll be back soon with more photos during the week. Have a beautiful Monday, friends.