Escape Hatch

Yesterday, while minding my own business, the mail man dropped off an astronomical medical bill pertaining to one of my son's recent hospital visits. I opened it, as I have opened hundreds before. It was for a new procedure we had done in February to help Charlie's muscles, which are over-toned due to Cerebral Palsy. We spent an hour in the hospital and received 9 Botox injections. And for these services, the hospital charged our insurance company $8,500.

What?  Yes.  EIGHTY-FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS! Our insurance paid their portion. And this bill is for our family's portion, which is $2,700 due immediately. And here's the kicker. The doctor would like to do this same procedure every three months. That's 10,800 dollars a year on top of our deductible and co-pays and adaptive equipment percentages.

And it's not like this is the first big bill of the year. It's the fourth. So, I guess I'm complaining about it here because I'm tired of it. I'm tired of never feeling like we'll get out from under the feet of corporate insurance.  This giant is going to crush anyone unlucky enough to be sick or have cancer or birth a child who needs more than an annual check-up. I love my son dearly and will do whatever I can to help him. But we are one of a million families cracking under the pressure of our broken system.

So..... yeah.

After choking on my tongue and crying to my husband once again about the shameful state of our country's medical system, I've decided to run away. Yep. Running away sounds about right.

Oh and I almost forgot... Happy Tax Day.

"Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air..."  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson