Hello dear readers.  

I haven't posted anything in four days.  This may be the longest unplanned stretch of time without posting since the inception of La Maison Boheme almost four years ago.  Why have I been gone?  Priorities.  I've been spending all my time with my sons, my husband, my dear-to-me friends, my artwork and my writing.  Its been a good week.

Yesterday I loaded up my boys and flew to visit my Mama in Oregon.  As you may remember, she has a fabulous farm house in Eastern Oregon - a place that soothes my tired soul and reminds me to breathe, laugh and take a load off.

Last weekend, I had occasion to visit my friend Brandi, the lovely blogger behind Flights of Whimsy.  She posts about all her amazing flea market adventures and DIY projects.  She said that there came a day when her blog shifted from a catalog of beautiful photos to more focused content centered on her work, her home and her art.  I too am longing to make a more authentic transition here at La Maison Boheme.  Don't get me wrong - I love pretty pictures as much as you do.  However, I want to shift my blog in a more personal direction - one that still honors my bohemian aesthetic but includes more original content.

Maybe this means that I skip a day here and there.  But my hope is that future posts will be of a higher quality. I want my posts to be authentic, original expressions of my aesthetic and more in line with my current priorities. Will there still be pretty pictures?  Absolutely.  But more often than not, I'll be the photographer.

What do you think?
Are you on board?
Or might this be the devilish doings of Mercury in retrograde?

My mother's front porch.