My Vegetable Garden is In!

So after posting about it HERE, I decided to finally bite the bullet and start a veggie garden!  I've never done any of this kind of gardening, so I know absolutely nothing about how its done.  So, this weekend I just jumped in with both feet.   I built an 8x3 foot raised bed, and filled it with veggies I like to eat.  Here are some photos of my process. 

I had a little help from my four-yer-old son, Walker.  
This was his first time using a power tool!  
Every little boy needs an opportunity to squeeze a cordless power drill, don't you agree?

Bags and bags of soil. 

I decided to put it where the tree was removed this winter.  
It was a big bright open space just asking to be filled!

Of course, I invited my little garden gods to participate (see below).

And here it is, all finished.
This is my first crack at veggie gardening, so cross your fingers!

In the raised bed:
2 cucumber
5 pea vines
1 cherry tomato
1 big boy tomato
1 yellow bell pepper
1 red bell pepper
2 zucchini
3 broccoli
2 strawberry
4 red cabbage
1 eggplant

...and in a container on the patio:
1 basil
1 dill