Spindle Bed

Up until now, if you were to come visit me and stay overnight in my home, you would probably sleep on a twin mattress covered in laundry and important paperwork or on a couch in my living room. Its amazing to me that my new home has an extra bedroom for guests. This is a first for me. I've been thinking about what kind of bed frame I'd like to have. I want something comfortable yet structured, old fashioned yet modernized. I want something that reminds me of my childhood bedroom, but without the Muppet sheet set and Barbie dolls shoved under the covers suffocating silently at the end of the bed. Then I happened upon the photo below:

I'm sure I can find an old spindle bed on Craig's List or in a consignment shop. Wouldn't it look fantastic with a fresh coat of white or turquoise or red paint? My list of future acquisitions keeps getting longer, but I will definitely keep and eye out for an old spindle bed. Maybe it will look something like this: