Black & White | Two-Tone Wall

Hello, dear readers.
I'm contemplating a two-toned black and white wall for an art studio.
I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Here are some examples:

And another idea - color block at the top instead of the bottom.

Painting Day

I have a very large task ahead of me. Tonight, after the kids are in bed, I'm going to paint the walls of an 18x20" converted garage.  I'm in the process of transitioning this space from a rumpus room to a home office and art studio. I'll be sharing photos of the finished product very soon. Until then, here is the color I'm going with: Black Suede by Behr Paints. I'm using a flat finish for that lovely chalky look that will hide the many imperfections on the walls.

Here's a before shot of the space before I filled it with all my office stuff:

Right now the space looks like the loading zone in an alley behind Good Will. Seriously, my shit is everywhere! Here's a photo of the chaos as it stands this morning.  Luckily, I have a plan.

I'm so excited to restore some order to my life, shelve all of these books and set up shop. I need this space to serve as my office, my studio and also a space for future classes and art workshops. There is a lot of space to work with. Wish me luck tonight as I have a lot of work ahead of me!

Red Dining Chairs

Remember last spring when I posted THIS?   It must have made an impression because last weekend I painting my dining chairs apple red. But I didn't stop there - I also reupholstered them! I'll be posting a DIY article about the process on, but until then, here's a little eye candy and a sneak peek of my finished product!

I'll post the full article from later, but until then
here's a little peek at my handiwork...

Weekend Paint Job

Last year my mom painted her living room butter yellow.  It was a fine color, but I could tell she wasn't completely happy with it.  She also had a gorgeous wood side board that she wanted to paint.  She was feeling a little weird about painting a wood antique, especailly one that she's had in her home since 1992.  But this week, she took the jump and started painting.  Here are the results!

I love it.  I think it suits her style so much more.  It also makes all of the furniture and art pop and look more cohesive.  The color is called Olive Sprig.  I'm not sure which manufacturer.  I'll have to ask her.  Here are some more photos for good measure:

Great job, Mama!  
I love it and can't wait to see it in person!


I brought home some gorgeous hydrangeas last week and they've have made me so happy.  They also inspired this post.  Purple can be so pretty.  I don't have a lick of it in my house, except for the hydrangeas, but I'd think its time for a little "pop of purple" as Sue from The Zhush always says.

P.S.  Thanks for all your sweet notes yesterday.  I was a zombie!  My husband came to my rescue (even though he is just as sleep deprived) and let me sleep last night from 10:30pm - 7:30am!  I haven't had that kind of sleep since last summer before Charlie was born. 

(Above)  Carolina Plum by Benjamin Moore








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