Friends and Sons

First, for the "Friends" portion of this post.  Today, I'm guest posting for Tobe over at Because It's Awesome.  Tobe just closed on a new home and needs a little time away from her computer to crack open a bottle of champagne and sign a bajillion pieces of paper where she promises to pay taxes and interest and to love her home very very much!  Congrats Tobe - a new home a wonderful thing!  Click HERE to read the full post.

And here is a peek at how I would design her new abode...

And now for the "Sons" portion of my post.  I want to remind you that we're giving away FIVE sets of Help Charlie Heal note cards in honor of Charlie's recovery from craniofacial surgery.  Thank you for all your emotional and financial support over the past year.  My online community has played an enormous part in Charlie's journey.  So we're giving away five sets of cards as a thank you!  Each print was painted and titled by Charlie's four-year-old brother, Walker.  Click HERE to enter.  Here is a peek at all eight prints you'll find in in the set:

"Snakes In Love"
"Play Area"

"Orange Train"

"Splatter Picture"

"Stone Thrower"

"Yellow Room"

"The Red Potty"

"Race Track"

Click HERE 

to enter the Help Charlie Heal Giveaway!

Me, Elsewhere

Today, I'm guest posting over at Bright, Bold and Beautiful.  Laura asked me to join her "I'm thankful for..." series.  It was a bit tortuous narrowing the "grateful field" down to only three things, but I did it.  Here's a little hint:

Click HERE to visit Bright Bold and Beautiful and see my full post.

And just for fun...
Here is a little sneak peek at Walker's new big boy room.  We painted this past Saturday.
I'll post the full photos when the room is complete, but until then:

Guest Post - My Favorite and My Best

Hello dear readers!  Today is a very special day because its Charlie's first birthday!  To read the latest update on baby Charlie, hop on over to Help Charlie Heal.  I've been away this week tending to Charlie during his surgery and recovery and he's doing great. In the meantime, please welcome my sister-friend Jenny from My Favorite and My Best.  My question to Jenny?  "How would your backyard space look and feel if money were no object." 

 hello to all of you.  
i am jenny also known as MFAMB also known as your mom or just that annoying blogger who likes to say fart and talk about poop.

sarah has asked for my participation in this series while her tiny angelbaby goes and gets his brain fixed.
and i am honored to be here.
you should know i have had the distinct honor of meeting charlie and he is delicious and sweet and funny and smart and happy and silly and wonderful.


today we are talking about what your yard would look like if you were a fancy rich person who could wipe their butt with money if they ran out of toilet paper.  but they wouldn't run out of toilet paper bc they have maids and shopper people who keep tabs on that shit and it never runs out.
but if it did, they would just reach down into their purse and grab a dolla bill and wipe (front to back please).
so here is how i imagine things..
in my life as mrs. moneyface there'd be a LOT of this business...

some sprawling horsey shenanigans...

some manorly wildflowers o'r there...

a fartload of blue hydrangeas err'where..

a private lake with some boats and shit...

my own private officeloungerealitytvwatchingplace that opens onto a courtyard..

only the courtyard looks more like this...

and then there's the swimming portion of this money parade...
private, with trees and chinoiserie pots..

but also this bc i have lots of friends...

and then bc money is no object i also have a brownie tree in my moneybags yard..
it grows brownies!!!!!

you are all invited to my annual brownie gorging harvest party.
(i also have a cow who squirts magical cold milk into our mouths)

go get em charlie!!
i will save the biggest brownie for you.
aunt mfamb

Thank you so much Jenny!  Tomorrow, join us for our last
guest post of the week, which comes to us from Kelly of Fabulous K.

Guest Post - Griege

 As you know, I'm away this week while my son, Charlie, recovers from skull surgery.  In my stead, I've invited some of my favorite bloggers to guest post and given them the green light to dream big.  My question to them?  "How would your backyard space look and feel if money were no object."  So please welcome the lovely and talented Christina from Greige.

Hi, Christina here from greige, I am so excited to be guest blogging for Sarah while she is away and caring for her sweet Charlie!  She asked me to share my dream garden or outdoor space with you and I could not be more excited to as we are in the process of deciding what exactly we want to do with our own outdoor space here are home. 

I love this pool and garden so much, the house is not my style per say but the entrance to the pool is divine with that slight curve at the steps.  The lounges are perfectly located for watching the kids splash in the pool and to take a little time to relax.  

I always imagine my dream garden will have a series of spaces that make me happy,  
I would love to have a cozy space for dining with family and friends too.  

Every great space with a pool simply must have a pool house, 
I am not sure why but it sounds logical, right?

Thank you again to Sarah for having me here!

Enjoy your summer!


Thank you so much Christina!  Tomorrow, Jenny from My Favorite and My Best 
will be here to share her dreamy outdoor oasis.  Stay tuned!

Guest Post - If the Lamp Shade Fits

Since I'm away tending to my sweet son, Charlie, as he recovers in the ICU from surgery, I've invited some of my favorite bloggers to guest post in my absence.  My question to them?  "How would your backyard space look and feel if money were no object."  Today, I'm so excited to welcome Raina from If The Lamp Shade Fits.
 When Sarah asked me to guest post in support of Charlie's continuing healing journey, I said "Of course!" And when she shared the theme - "If money was no object, what would your back yard look like?" - the riad courtyards of Marrakesh and Fez leapt immediately to mind. Any fan of La Lamp Shade knows of my lust for any and all things Moroccan.

If I were to win the lottery tomorrow or find myself the heir to a new found fortune, I would hop on a plane and snap up a riad of my very own. So what speaks to me about these exotic spaces? The never-ending pattern play, the rich carvings and bold colors, and the sense of embracing shelter from a busy outside world. 

Riad Ghita (

Riad Ghita (

source unknown

Riad Misbah (

source unknown

source unknown

Thank you so much Raina!  Stay tuned for tomorrow's guest post
where Christina of Greige will share her backyard oasis dream-scape.

Guest Post from Bijou and Boheme

I'm away this week tending to baby Charlie during his craniofacial surgery and recovery in the hospital, so I've invited some of my favorite bloggers to fill in for me here at La Maison Boheme.  My question to them?  "How would your backyard space look and feel if money were no object."  Please welcome Christine from Bijou and Boheme:

I am so delighted to be visiting Sarah's gorgeous blog today
while she is away taking care of her sweet Charlie.

When Sarah asked me if I'd like to do a post about my dream backyard oasis,
I of course said hell dreaming of some backyard bliss.
So here you have it...a little inspiration, followed by a little garden mood board a la moi.

{photos via Pinterest}

And just in case you want specifics, here's my must have dream backyard list:
1. country estate that maintains its charm even though it's large
2. wildflower fields
3. cocktails- preferable mint juleps, mimosas or some British drink my friend told me about that is apparently 'the' summer drink - Pips maybe?
4. glass conservatory that looks old and is made with metal framed glass
5. hanging swing...double points for flower wrapped
6. lounge chairs..the more regency looking the better
7. antique fireplace stuffed with logs
8. black and white stripes or dogs (see cushions below)
9. outside dining area...made of up of perfectly mixed (preferable vintage) furniture pieces
10. tons of vases filled with copious amounts of flower pretty
11. hidden nooks
12. the kind of pool you'd imagine seeing in an old Hollywood film 
13. outdoor movie set up- romcom styles

And with that, here's what I came up with when I shushed some of the noted inspiration together.

PS...designing stuff is so much more fun when you can dream big
and binge on 1st Dibs, Jayson Home and Garden etc.

Thanks again for having me Sarah...along with this post, I'm sending you big mushy hugs.



Thank you so much, Christine!  Tomorrow, we'll hear from Raina from
If the Lamp Shade Fits when she reveals her dreamy backyard fantasy!

Guest Posting at JPM Design

Today, I'm a guest at JMP Design with some high style, low cost design ideas.  So head over to see what I've cooked up and don't forget to say hello!

In the meantime, I'll leave you with some eye candy: Tine K Home always has gorgeous photos of their product and I thought I'd post some of my favorites from their newest offering.  These images have such a Rembrandt quality - making gorgeous use of light and dark.

Guest Post by Arcadian Home Decor

Thank you to the people at Arcadian Home Decor for giving this Bohemian Mama a day off with her kiddos.  While I'm out and about, please enjoy this guest post about my favorite piece of accent furniture - the bar cart! XO

In my mind, no home is complete without a stylish bar cart. They are reminiscent of Mad Men and a more sophisticated era when everyone celebrated cocktail hour and finished off the day with a scotch, neat.  If you are planning to make use of the warm weather and want to enjoy an ice-cold mint julep poolside, and want the convenience of a cart that will work well indoors and outdoors, look for a bar cart with wheels and an outdoor-friendly material, like wood or wicker. Of course, with a stylish bar cart and central air conditioning, you can also stay inside and host a sophisticated dinner, mixing gin martinis and whiskey sours for your guests.  What's great about bar carts is that they can be decorated as though they are a piece of accent furniture. You can decorate them with mini flower vases, tea towels and an array of beautifully-colored glasses and mixing accessories. So stock up on your favorite wine, spirits, mixers, and accompanying glasses because bar carts are finally back in style.

New York Times (via)

This gorgeous bar cart is actually an antique carpenter's workbench. While you can't move a cart like this around, you can make the most use out its space by using trays and keeping it either in your kitchen or dining room.

Everything Fabulous (via)

The table decorations on this bar cart are so lovely. This one makes a great use of space with goblets and cordials in cobalt blue, a silver pitcher and two gorgeous crystal decanters. The pink flowers add a nice pop of color. Come to think of it, since it is Spring, keep a vase filled with fresh herbs like mint, rosemary, or basil for decoration and for mixing.

Everything Fabulous?(via)

A vintage brass bar cart looks beautiful nestled behind stacks and stacks of books.

Belle Maison (via)

Here is another example of being creative with your bar carts. A three-tiered accent piece has been converted into a chic bar cart in the Hollywood Regency style and adorned with modern decanters, glasses and a silver server set. The Foo dog is a quirky touch.

Good Taste Purveyors via Roost (via)

This stylish bar cart is made of cast an sheet aluminum with large metal wheels for ease of movement.

Two Tall Blondes via Lonny Magazine (via)

I just love the giant wheels on this wooden bar cart.

Lua Los Angeles (via)

This bar cart is absolutely stunning in this sunny home. The trays have a mirrored bottom and the slanted arms and wheels make it so much easier to roll to and fro.  If you are just aching for a stylish bar cart of your own, there are places to purchase them. In stores, bar carts tend to be a little pricey, running upwards of $100 to $200, but you can get a little creative and save money. One way to do this is by converting a small bookcase into an immobile bar cart. Or pairing two accent tables together and topping them with lacquered trays. And don't forget to check out vintage bar carts on websites like eBay, Craigslist or even at your local flea market you'll be sure to find a stylish bar cart at an affordable price.

Thank you to Arcadian Home Decor and I'll see you all back here tomorrow!

Guest posting at Dirksen Dabbles

Today, I'm guest posting for Bethany over at Dirksen Dabbles as part of her P[art]nership series.  Please head on over to read my 5 easy steps for creating large scale art for your home.  Thank you, Bethany! My son, Walker, and I had lots of fun creating his newest masterpiece for this post!

To see how Walker and I created the painting below, click HERE.

Guest Post at All Things Bright and Beautiful

Today, I'm excited to be doing a guest post at All Things Bright and Beautiful.  Her question to me?  What makes your house a 'home'.  Head on over and say hello when you have a chance!  Here are a few sneak peeks...

So head on over to All Things Bright and Beautiful 
and see more of my home!

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