A Certain Kind of Light

One of my favorite things about my mother's farm house in Oregon is the evening light. It's pretty spectacular. Here are a few shots of the tool shed, some flowers and my son sporting his favorite hat.

The Tool Shed

I'm dedicating this whole week to my Mama's home in Oregon and the surrounding areas.  Richland, Oregon is a small town east of Baker City on the border of the Snake River.  Its high desert country, but the hamlet of Richland lies in a verdant valley at the base of the Wallowa Mountain Range.  Today, I wanted to share one of the out buildings on my Mom's property.  This shed was in pretty poor shape when my mom and her husband moved in six years ago.  They liked the fact that it was leaning a bit, but wanted to shore up the foundation and refurbish the interior.  Now, this shed is one of my favorite things about my Mama's home.

Here is a shot of the shed when my Mama first moved in (2005).

Here's the shed off to the left in relationship to the rest of the house.  The ditch you see below that runs the length of the property is for irrigation purposes.  All of the farms in the Eagle Valley and Richland proper get their water via flood irrigation from Eagle Creek.  Brilliant!

Hope you enjoyed this tour of my Mom's shed.  
Tomorrow we'll tour the house house!