Guest Post - If the Lamp Shade Fits

Since I'm away tending to my sweet son, Charlie, as he recovers in the ICU from surgery, I've invited some of my favorite bloggers to guest post in my absence.  My question to them?  "How would your backyard space look and feel if money were no object."  Today, I'm so excited to welcome Raina from If The Lamp Shade Fits.
 When Sarah asked me to guest post in support of Charlie's continuing healing journey, I said "Of course!" And when she shared the theme - "If money was no object, what would your back yard look like?" - the riad courtyards of Marrakesh and Fez leapt immediately to mind. Any fan of La Lamp Shade knows of my lust for any and all things Moroccan.

If I were to win the lottery tomorrow or find myself the heir to a new found fortune, I would hop on a plane and snap up a riad of my very own. So what speaks to me about these exotic spaces? The never-ending pattern play, the rich carvings and bold colors, and the sense of embracing shelter from a busy outside world. 

Riad Ghita (

Riad Ghita (

source unknown

Riad Misbah (

source unknown

source unknown

Thank you so much Raina!  Stay tuned for tomorrow's guest post
where Christina of Greige will share her backyard oasis dream-scape.

Thank you ladies...

Last week, the lovely Alcira from The Nero Chronicles dubbed me a stylish blogger.  And this week, the equally lovely Brandi from Flights Of Whimsy did the same.  Ladies, thank you so much.  We all like to be thought of as stylish and "up-and-coming" and your kind words and thoughtfulness mean so much to me.

The conditions for accepting this award are as follows: share seven things about yourself.  Seven is a great number, don't you think?  Here goes...

1)  I love being a mom and a wife.  Its pretty much the most awesome thing that has ever happened to me.  I've got two great boys and a spectacular husband and they all rock. 

2)  I'm a birth doula, which means that I help women in labor.  Most of my clients are trying to have a natural, intervention free birth and I am their support person.  I have lots of training and am a certified massage therapist, which comes in handy when you're trying to keep a laboring mother as comfortable as possible.  And I know this might seem a bit crazy, but to see a short slide show of my son, Charlie's awesome home birth, click HERE.  Then click on the photography logo to start the photos  Don't worry, its just a lovely tame water birth - no gore.  It was photographed by Elizabeth Boyce.  Turn on your volume for music by Ingrid Michaelson.

3)  I really love mint chip ice cream.

4)  I'm an actor.

I'm the tall one.  The other cutie-pie is Shaye Troha.

5)  I'm also a playwright.  My most notable play is called Leni and its about the German filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl.  Leni has had productions in Oakland CA, Portland OR, Seattle WA and New York City.  Next up is a reading at Southern Methodist University in April. You can read past reviews about Leni in the Seattle Post Intelligencer and Seattle Weekly.

LENI Seattle production shot
Amy Thone appears courtesy of AEA as Leni.

6)  Cayucos, CA is one of my most favorite places on earth.  I grew up near this magical place and spent all my summers on her shores.  My husband proposed to me here.  We also got married in Cayucos and had our first son's blessing in Cayucos.  I'm headed there again at the end of February for Charlie's blessing.

7)  I think interior design is a beautiful way of expressing who you are.  The state of my home, on any given day, usually reflects the state of my mind, the state of my life and the state of my world.  My home is always in flux and I have had more fun creating a space for me and my family than I ever thought possible.  This blog is my daily meditation and continues to serve as my idea playground. Thank you so much for reading and commenting here at La Maison Boheme.  And thank you to all of the amazing people who comprise the blogroll to the right.  You are a constant source of inspiration and joy in my life.

Coffee Table Detail
I'm not a designer... I just pretend to be one.  I took this photo in my living room last night. 

Most of the bloggers whom I would pass this lovely award to have already received it from someone else.  So, again I defer to the blogroll on the right.  Go visit, explore and get excited about all of the possibilities that lie before you!

Again, thank you to Alcira and Brandi!