The La Maison Boheme 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

The La Maison Boheme Holiday gift guide is here! I’m doing things a little differently this year. I’ve dedicated the 2018 gift list to homesteaders and rural folks! Why? Because I’m living in a remote and woodsy part of Eastern Oregon now and my focus has shifted. Here are my top ten gifts for the people in your life who live rurally and have lots of contact with nature and the changing seasons.



Phoebe Wahl’s fabulous moon calendar for 2019. Its always so wonderful to know what moon cycle you’re in! You can purchase one HERE.


For your rural friend braving the ice and sleet this time of year, there is nothing better (or safer on the ice) than a pair of Yak Trax. Seriously. These are life savers when you’ve got to work outside on the ice. They’re available from all sorts of sources - just do a quick internet search for Yak Trax and lots of purchase options will pop up.



Whether they’re making a home brewed ale or brewing Kombucha, your homesteading friend will love a set of clean fresh brew bottles! Purchase them HERE.



For your gardening friends, they love these sweet seed savers envelopes from the Taproot Magazine shop. Purchase them HERE.



A dear friend of mine gave me this Excalibur Electric Food Dehydrator this year and it is a fabulous addition to my kitchen. This summer I dried pears, apples, peaches, and apricots. You can get one HERE.



Wendel Berry’s “The Mad Farmer Poems” is a beautiful collection of poetry, perfect for the homesteader who needs a little fireside reading material for the long, icy winter ahead.



I bought this wood ring for myself last winter and I just love it. Its beautiful to look at and holds a lot of wood. We’ve got it on our front porch under the awning so on cold mornings we can bring wood right into the house without slogging through the snow to our wood shed. Buy is HERE.



This linen apron is so beautiful that I’d wear it on the town. (Of course my town is a tiny one-street wonder, consisting of one-grocery, one-bank, and 280 citizens. So maybe no one would find it all that strange if I wore it on the town). You can get this apron HERE at Not Perfect Linen.



Folks who are living off the land usually don’t make their own chocolate. Tomatoes and organic greens are pretty easy to come by, but if you’re living above the equator, cacao beans are a bit tougher to grow. My sister-in-law bought this Classic Hot Chocolate for me last Christmas and it has since been my family’s absolute favorite. This chocolate isn’t powdered. It’s shaved. We like to sprinkle it on top of coffee drinks and ice cream as well!



You all know that I'm an incense lover. And I am always on the hunt for warm, woodsy, earthy scents. This scent is one of my old favorites. It's a beautiful blend and it's the right price for gift giving. And personally, I think its perfect regardless of gender. It's called Woodstock from the West Third Brand Modern Apothecary. It has classic incense notes of sandalwood, patchouli, cedar, coumarin, musk, benzoin, olibanum with hints of vanilla. Its a dreamy, heady, perfect winter scent. Find it HERE.