Listening to Bradford Loomis

This summer, my Mama and I went to a bar along the Snake River in Hells Canyon because we heard there was going to be live music and a rib dinner special. Because... who doesn't love a rib dinner? I knew nothing about the musician who'd been booked for the night, but it turned out to be Bradford Loomis. I hadn't heard of Bradford Loomis before, but his music has been a daily staple in my life since that evening in Hells Canyon.

So if you've never heard of him, please go strait to Spotify, or Amazon, or where ever you go to get your music and listen to his albums. I bought Into the Great Unknown and his newer album Bravery & the Bell. They're both fantastic. Loomis brings serious soul and experience to his music and he's made a me a believer. You can see some of his videos HERE, but I've also included some below. Take a listen: