A New Home for La Maison Boheme

10 years ago, I began blogging at La Maison Boheme. Initially the blog served as an online dream journal where I could catalog my favorite design ideas and inspirations. La Maison Boheme quickly became a community where I met bloggers, designers, and people who would help me develop and more fully embody my personal aesthetic. 

Now the blog has transformed into a more personal place where I share my art process, my thoughts on parenting a special needs child, and other topics of interest like gardening, radical homemaking, minimalism, social justice, literature, and travel. 

The time has come for me to consolidate my online spaces, which is why I'm leaving the Blogspot platform. From now on, La Maison Boheme will continue via my website at www.sarahgreenman.com/blog. And of course you can always find it (as you did before) at www.maisonboheme.com

Thank you, dear readers, for sticking with me through the past decade! And cheers to a new home for La Maison Boheme!