Moving During the Holidays

When most families are pulling their Christmas boxes out of storage and decking their halls, we are packing it up. My family moves to Oregon in one week and I have begun packing in earnest. Most people don't move at Christmas. In fact, many have asked why would you want to move during the holidays? We didn't pick this time of year. It just happened that way. But now that we are, I've found it to be a great time of year to move! 

I like moving during the holidays because I get a "free pass". No one expects me to participate in every little holiday moment. They know that I'm busy packing. I don't have to stock up on feast foods, or replace any broken or missing holiday decor, which means that I am saving money and time. Most movers are not working right now, and so they're readily available and the rental truck is markedly less expensive. 

But I do miss having a tree. So to compensate for that, here are some inspiring photos of holiday decor to delight my eye.