Simple Affordable Beauty Products I Love

I'm not into beauty fads and I almost never wear makeup. But there are some tried and true products that I love. Some I have used for decades and some are new to me this year.  And just for reference, I'm a 39 year old white lady with oily skin and British Isles ancestry. While I don't fret about my appearance, I do like to feel clean, fresh, cavity free, and generally well cared for. So here are the items you'll find in my bathroom cupboard and in my grocery cart.

(And full disclosure, I am NOT being paid or asked to recommend these products. I just dig 'em.)


Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner $7.49  Just this paste year, my skin became kind of tired and oily. So I grabbed this toner at Target one day and never looked back. It does wonders for my skin. It feels great - non-drying, brightens my complexion, and smells like heaven. 

OPI Matte Nail Envy Strengthener $17.00  I have used this nail strengthening polish for the last 14 years. I absolutely love it. The best part? It doesn't look like I'm wearing anything on my nails. 

Arbonne Lemon Essential Oil $20.00  My friend Yusef Seevers is a District Manager for Arbonne and he gave me Arbonne's new Lemon Essential Oil last month. I have used it everyday since in multiple ways. My favorite ways to use it? I add it to my laundry soap to freshen my clothes and I put it on my pulse points during the 4pm lull.

Floss (any kind) $1.29 - $3.00  Floss. Duh.

Dry Skin Body Brush $9.00  Dry skin brushing is a beautiful exfoliation habit. It also stimulates the lymphatic system and gives your epidermis a healthy, happy glow. Plus it feels great! 

Marvis Whitening Mint Toothpaste $13.50  I know, I know. 13 bucks for toothpaste? Just hear me out. I was visiting a dear friend in NYC and she had a tube of Marvis Whitening Toothpaste sitting on her sink. I forgot to bring my toothpaste, so I asked to use it. My friend spends a LOT of time on camera and her teeth look like shiny sheets of white paper. Now, its the only toothpaste I use.

Portland Bee Balm Chapstick $2.99  This chapstick was given to me as a gift from a friend of mine in Portland. I love it. Its my most favorite chapstick ever. 

Now Solutions Almond Oil $5.95 for 4 oz. - $17.99 for two 32 oz. bottles  I am a massage therapist and I like to rub down my sore muscles. I also like to rub down my kiddos and my husband. This is a great moisturizing oil that is absorbed quickly by the skin and leaves everyone feeling loved. 

John Frieda Dream Curls Spritz $5.39  I have super curly hair and it gets frizzy if I just shampoo, condition, and go. So to avoid the finger-in-a-light-socket look, I spritz this on my wet hair post-shower, drag a comb through it and air dry. Bam.