Baby Grand

I play the piano, as does my 8-year old son. We've been happily using an out-of-tune spinet for the past five years, but we recently happened upon a paper advertisement in the music department of a local university for a baby grand. Our wheels started turning. Could we afford it? Could we justify the expense? Alas, the answer was "no".

But this Christmas, my Dad surprised our little family with a very big gift. He made it possible for us to purchase the baby grand and have it delivered to our home just before the holiday. We are over-the-mood excited to have such a lovely instrument in our midst. When we get her all tuned up, I'll make a little video for you!

A fun side note: The previous piano owner is Peter Protzman, a designer for Herman Miller. He is the designer of many of Herman Miller's most successful furniture pieces. For instance, THESE chairs, THESE chairs and THIS desk are among my favorite of his creations. It was a pleasure to meet Peter and his wife and purchase their piano!