Early Fall Garden Report

I know its not a Monday, my usual day for writing about our Radical Homemaking efforts, but I wanted to share a quick garden report. The summer heat has finally receded here in Dallas. I keep looking at photos from my Northeastern friends and see the chilly-weather coats and orange foliage. Not so here in the south. Our fall growing season extends well into the beginning of winter.

This month I'm eating heaps of yellow pear tomatoes. These plants were great producers last year and this year is no different. I'm also basking in lots of beautiful Basil. This week, I'll be processing much of it into homemade pesto sauce. Some of it will go to the freezer and some of it will be dinner this week. And finally, my winter Kale and Romaine is ready for first harvest! There is nothing better than tender fresh picked dinosaur kale from the garden.

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