The Sea is Always Calling

I'm a California girl. I grew up on the Central Coast near the open vistas surrounding Hearst Castle and the little surf towns of Avila, Cayucos and San Simeon. I'm an ocean person and cannot go for too long a stretch without seeing the sea. This, of course, is problematic for a Dallas, Texas transplant. The man-made lakes in North Texas are nice, but they won't ever possess the vast, edge-of-the-world feeling I crave.

I just spent four days in Southern California. I was visiting my husband, whom I haven't seen in 10 weeks. He's working at the New Swan Shakespeare Festival this summer and this was my only shot to see him. We spent two of our four days together on the coastline. It was renewing, to say the least.

Now I'm home in Dallas, looking forward to the next time I see the ocean. In May of 2016, I'll be attending art workshops on the North Carolina Coast. My Mom, some dear friends and I will spend five days in a seaside cottage as part of the Squam by the Sea art program. I cannot wait! Until then, I'll just look at the photos to tide me over.