Statera Conference, Here I Come!

As most of you know, I'm the Creative Director for a non-profit called Statera Foundation. We're an organization dedicated to serving women in the theatre. This weekend, I'll be at our inaugural conference in Cedar City, Utah, where I'll be speaking from my heart and connecting with other artists in the theatre. This is a much needed break for me - a working break, but a break none-the-less.

What will I be doing?  In addition to organizing the event, I'm one of the break-out session facilitators. Here's a little about my talk:

"Mother as Creator and the Art of Vulnerability". Parenthood is an unwieldy adventure. Balancing a professional artistic practice while in the throes of parenthood is even more daunting. Time, availability and energy undergo a marked change when children become part of our daily lives and this can leave us feeling defeated, vulnerable and isolated from professional opportunities. In this workshop and discussion, Sarah Greenman talks about how to navigate these changes and greet the windfalls, vulnerabilities and surprise events of parenthood with expectant openness. She'll share tools to tap your inner muse and create art in the midst of chaos that nourishes your career, unifies your gifts, maintains your professional momentum and endows your work with gravitas. Come ready to write, talk, listen and laugh.

And here's the mission of the Statera Foundation:

Statera Foundation, deriving its name from the Latin word for balance, endeavors to serve women in the theatre by expanding employment options, improving salary, and removing barriers to growth and achievement through mentorship, internship, research, outreach, networking, and support to empower them to reach their full potential by bridging the gap between passion, preparation, and opportunity.

Wish me luck!
And if you're interested in contributing to our work, please donate HERE.