Summer Musings | Disheveled Order

Today is officially the first day of summer for school kids all over the state of Texas. Both of my boys are out of school and ready for some down time. So am I. This week also marks the beginning of a three month stretch of solo parenting for me.

In addition to his work as a professor, my husband is also an actor. This week, he left Dallas for the west coast. He'll be playing the title role in Macbeth and Leonato in Much Ado About Nothing at the New Swan Shakespeare Festival in Irvine, California. When bucket list roles come calling, you say YES. It doesn't matter how far away or how long the run. Yes yes yes.

It's going to be a long summer. Solo parenting isn't easy. But it doesn't have to be a slog. This summer, I'm redefining what success looks like. I'm sweeping all expectations off the table. These three months will be measured not in days, but rather in calm breaths and cups of coffee. Sure, things will be accomplished. And sometimes they won't. Dishes will be washed or they'll sit in the sink. Compost will accumulate and turn, chickens will lay, diapers will fill the pail, demands will be made, tears will fall, bread will bake, friends will visit and all will be well. Release expectation and all will be well.

Here are two photographs of my home this morning. The first is of my bed at 8am. This photo embodies a sense of leisure, nourishment and a kind of disheveled order. I'm posting this photo here today so I can look back and remember my summer mantra, "Release expectation and all will be well."

This second photo is of the sofa in my living room. There is room to sit, room to read, room to hug and cuddle. There is space for reflection and rest. I love sitting here in the morning and looking out on my front yard. Unlike my bedroom, where disheveled order is more acceptable, this room is public. People pass through and guests see this immediately upon entering. This is the room that tries to put its best foot forward. But what of it? Still, I must remember my mantra. Dust will accumulate, children will spill their drinks, the dog may chew the corners. Do what you can. Care for all things with patience and love. Release expectation and all will be well.