Radical Homemaking | Home Grown Food

It's Monday! Time for our weekly installment of Radical Homemaking. Interested in learning more about what that means, check out THIS post and THIS post. 

It's that time of year. We're starting to see some real harvests from our first round of planting. Roasted green beans, salad greens, chard, fresh eggs and cherry tomatoes have been making their way into all of our meals. We also have a neighbor who is flush with blackberries and another neighbor giving away peaches from their tree. Needless to say, our smoothie and tart making schedule has ramped up a bit.

One of the huge benefits of having home grown food in our back yard is that my son, Charlie, who has a very restrictive texture diet, can have fresh smoothies every morning! Charlie is a stroke survivor and has a difficult time chewing and swallowing solid foods. This little jar of berries, spinach, banana, yogurt, coconut oil and dates gives him a boost of real live food, enzymes and vitamins in the morning.